Madame Maryland's Horoscope: May 2018

Happy May, everyone! Spring is the perfect time to tackle a new project or a new hobby. But you might not be sure which one is right for your sign. Well, never fear. Madame Maryland can help you out! Here's what she recommends...
Aries: You should try hiking! Who knew such a small state had such a large variety of places to go hiking? There are state parks and trails aplenty in Maryland, and it's the perfect way to get some exercise, some vitamin D, and some seriously enviable thigh muscles. Don't forget the sunscreen, and to take only photos and leave only footprints! 
Taurus: You should try having a yard sale! They don't call it spring cleaning for nothin', and having a yard sale is a perfect way to eliminate all of the extra stuff that you don't need or use anymore. Before you know it, you'll have a little extra cash in your pockets (perfect for spending on a new swimsuit for summer!) and a little extra space, too. Goodbye, clutter! 
Gemini: You should try redecorating! If you've been thinking that your home could use a new look, May is the perfect month to kick your plans into high gear. Whether you opt for a full, HGTV-style remodel or you buy some new art to hang in the living room, a little redecorating will go a long way. Your guests are sure to be wowed! 
CancerYou should try road-tripping! Fill up the gas tank, grab some snacks, pick up your friends and go exploring in Maryland. Theme it however you like -- maybe you'll hit up a variety of historical sites, look for haunted spots throughout the state, or visit all of the cool farmer's markets that Maryland has to offer. (Or maybe you're just traveling Guy Fieri-style on the hunt for the best restaurants. We've got plenty!)
LeoYou should try going to an open mic night! Everyone knows Leos love to be the center of attention, and getting up on stage to sing a few tunes is an easy way to get a moment in the sun -- but it's also super-low stakes, so nobody will mind if you're not exactly the next American Idol. You may be surprised at the confidence boost it'll give you! 
Virgo: You should try journaling! Get out those felt-tipped pens, Virgo. Your organized sign is always looking for a new way to keep everything together, and bullet journaling is perfect for anyone who values precision like you do. Pinterest can help you get started, and before long, you'll have a project that your friends are going to seriously envy. (Don't forget to use your Route One pencils!)
Libra: You should try learning a new language! Grab a spot in a community college class or download a free language learning app. Knowing another language isn't just practical in case you find yourself meeting someone who speaks it -- it'll give you a little added worldiness and sophistication. By the end of summer, you'll be a pro. 
ScorpioYou should try sailing! Scorpio is a water sign, and if you've been feeling out of your element, some time spent out on the Chesapeake Bay or on the ocean should be a balm for your soul. If the thought of working the rigging makes you sweat, there's nothing wrong with strictly being a passenger on the boat. (And don't forget to wear some nautical gear while you're there!)
Sagittarius: You should try grilling! There's seriously no better time to practice your skills on the grill -- make some BBQ chicken, or try your hand at some classic burgers and dogs. You could even branch out and try grilling tofu to please your vegetarian friends, or grill some pineapples for dessert. Why limit yourself? And we've got plenty of gear for you to use! 
CapricornYou should try gardening! There's something really satisfying about growing something yourself. Give yourself a plot in the backyard, or start a box on the windowsill -- even a small space can bloom if given the right love and attention. Talk about May flowers! 
Aquarius: You should try a new sport! Maybe you've always been a jock but you're looking for a new sport to master. Maybe you've never been a jock, but you want to become more active. Either way, taking up volleyball, soccer or baseball can make you some new friends and get you in shape! (No worries if you're not Olympics-worthy by the end of the summer. It's all about having fun!)
PiscesYou should try visiting museums! You're a super artsy sign, so why not take advantage of all of the art that Maryland has to offer? Baltimore alone can give you what you need when it comes to cool spots to take Instagram-worthy photos, from the Walters to the BMA to the AVAM. You can lose an entire afternoon in these cool local spots -- and if you're feeling particularly creative, bring a pad of paper and a pencil and try your own hand at making some art.


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