Keep It Cool (Even Without AC) During A Maryland Summer

Eva Niessner

Keep It Cool (Even Without AC) During A Maryland Summer

Maryland summers can be brutal -- humid, hot, and relentless. With summer well on its way, it's a good idea to know how to stay cool even if you don't have A/C at home. 

1. Open up the windows at night

Once it cools down, it's the ideal time to get air moving through the house. Let cool night air circulate when the sun goes down so you can wake up to some relief. 

2. Take a cool shower or bath

Your hot showers can wait for cooler days! A cool shower or bath can make you feel a lot better, and you'll get just as clean. 

3. Dehumidify

If the sticky, humid air is making you feel irritated, pull some of that humidity out of the air with a dehumidifier. Combined with a fan, you might even forget it's summer in Maryland.

4. Keep a cold spritz bottle around

A little spray bottle full of cold water can be a lifesaver! Just keep it on your bedside table or desk so there's always relief on hand.

5. Block out the light

If the sunlight is turning your home into a greenhouse, block it out! Make the most of your curtains and blinds and wait to open them until evening. 

6. Keep the oven off

Skip the baking and cooking when the days are at their hottest. Takeout or easy, no bake meals like salads will keep your kitchen from boiling. 

7. Head to the basement

Heat rises, so if you have a basement, it may be the perfect oasis! Limited light and chill air can feel oh so good when you're suffering from the heat.

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