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Route One Apparel Holiday Gift Guide

Route One Apparel Holiday Gift Guide


There's still time to make this the most amazing holiday season yet! We've rounded up some of our favorite items to create an unforgettable holiday gift guide for everyone on your list. So, without further ado...

For the kiddos:

Kids are awesome--they're so easy to buy for! Get the little ones some festive Maryland-style Santa hats, and they'll never wanna take them off. They pair great with our best-selling Ravens and Bohs and Crabs and O's shirt (yep, we've got them in youth sizes!) Don't forget about the tiniest people on your shopping list--we've got this adorable Made in Maryland onesie for babies from newborn to 2 years old. Finally, please the kids who have plenty of clothes with a rubber duckie gift pack they'll treasure for years to come.

For Mom and Dad:

Shopping for the parents requires a balance of practicality and fun. Our unisex sweaters (especially Poe Santa and our blue crab snowflake sweater) are perfect for either parent who wants to rock their Maryland pride and stay toasty warm while shoveling the sidewalk or walking the dog. If your parents love cooking up Christmas goodies, they'll love our MD flag oven mitts, and if you really want to be the favorite child, treat them to a fun accessory, like our flag belt or scarf.

For the sports fanatic:

To these folks on your gift list, it's always time for football or baseball. Let them know you've got them covered with our fun new crabby sports sweatshirts! Whether they never miss a Ravens game or are loyal to the Orioles no matter what, these will make perfect gifts. And these ultra-fans can stay in the game all year long when you gift them sunglasses, scarves and even koozies.

For those about to leave for vacation:

We all have the friend who's been counting down the minutes until their January/February cruise to somewhere warm while we're all freezing in Maryland. Remind them of where they came from with some awesome MD swimwear! Your guy friends will love some grey or orange Maryland flag patterned board shorts, and the ladies will adore our flag-patterned bandeau top and bottoms. Oh, and don't forget the croakie and the shades! Your friend's going to have the best vacation ever--thanks to you!

For the style-obsessed:

Look, we all want to look our best, but some people on our shopping list really go the extra mile. Give them the gifts that will make them look extra fashionable! They'll turn heads with our bright-colored umbrella , our fab pennington shades, and our chic wristlet. And if they're after something a little more formal, we know they'll love a bow tie or a preppy pink crab belt. Talk about stylish!


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