8 Fun Things To Do With Friends (While Social Distancing)

You miss your friends. We miss our friends. Everyone misses their friends! We all wish that we could go out to a restaurant or a movie and hang out, but social distancing measures are keeping us safe. Still, that doesn't change the fact we want to have fun with the people we care about. So what can you do? Well, we've got a few ideas for having a great time even when you're all stuck at home.

1. Movie night

This one's a classic. Pop the popcorn and sync up your movies with Netflix Party (available on Chrome). Or, if your schedules are slightly harder to coordinate, promise to watch the same show or movie within the same day and meet back up in the group chat to dish on, say, whether you think Carole Baskin killed her husband.


2. Secret Santa

Who says Secret Santa is only for the winter? Now's a great time to get your friends together and surprise one another with a much-needed pick-me-up. Use this generator to randomly assign everyone a giftee, then head to our store to find them the perfect present, like this fun Utz tumbler

3. TikTok duet

Don't lie -- you've been on TikTok more than ever since the stay at home order began. Why not try making some duet videos with friends, or see who can master the latest dances the fastest? You might even make a few new followers in the process (though of course impressing your besties is what matters most!). 

4. Powerpoint party

These aren't like the PowerPoints that you've had to sit through in school! Gather with your friends on a Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting and take turns presenting on the weirdest, funniest, or most subjective topics through screenshare. Whoever gets the most applause -- or the most laughs -- is the winner. Comic sans font encouraged. 

5. Virtual game night

No, game night is not canceled! You can use Zoom and Google Hangouts to play party games virtually -- Jackbox has plenty of offerings. You can also try playing poker the old-fashioned way over a video call and try to see who's bluffing and who's got a good poker face. Raise the stakes by playing for money, and donate the winnings to a worthy local nonprofit. 

6. Make a group list of boredom busters

You can rely on your friends for good recommendations when it comes to movies, music, games...so why not make master list for the whole group chat! Everyone can contribute on a shared document to update the group on their new favorite things. From Youtube videos to recipes, there's no shortage of possible categories. 

7. Try to cook something

Maybe your group is skilled at baking or cooking. Maybe...not so much. Either way, see what happens when everyone has to follow the same recipe or same set of instructions! You could make something beautiful together, or you could make a gigantic mess. But you're sure to have fun. Check out some ideas here.

8. Start a book club

You may have more time to read now, but you may not be sure where to get started. Getting some friends together to start a book club can solve that problem! Check out what digital options your library has, or support a local bookstore by ordering from them instead of Amazon. Then, pour some wine and jump on Zoom to discuss your latest read. 


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