5 Places In Maryland That Animal Lovers Have To Visit

Who doesn't love spending time with furry friends? Whether you love to hang out with cuddly cats and dogs or you'd rather take a walk on the wild side, there are so many places in Maryland that you can visit in order to meet some animal friends! If you're ready to take a trip to a few cool places this fall (date night, trip with friends, family outing), read on:

1. Kittens in Cups

Wish you could spend time with tons of kittens, but can't keep a cat in your house? Maybe you're in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, or maybe your partner is allergic to cats -- or maybe you just don't want to scoop a litter box. But who can resist a sweet, purring kitty cat? Get the best of both worlds by visiting a cat cafe, like Kittens in Cups in Annapolis! Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate while you bask in the attention of a whole slew of kitties. Can't make it out to Annapolis? Baltimore's BRAND NEW cat cafe, Charm Kitty, is another excellent option!


2. Catoctin Zoo

If you're heading out west, why not stop by the Catoctin Zoo? There's no better way to spend a nice crispy fall day (once the weather decides to cooperate, anyway!) than walking around a zoo, meeting all of the animals -- and Maryland has no shortage of awesome zoos. This particular one features a wolf woods (perfect for Halloween, no?), wildlife safari rides, and even an alligator bayou! It's time to get wild -- just don't get too close to those gators when feeding time comes.



3. Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Would you rather see some rare and exotic creatures like okapis, giraffes and polar bears, or would you rather spend time with cute barnyard critters? Well, why choose? At the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, you can do both! Take Instagram-worthy snapshots of penguins and peacocks, grab tickets to yearly events like Zoo Boo and OktoBEARfest, and even brush a goat! (Check out the new bobcat exhibit, too.)Even though kids will love it, you definitely don't have to have any to have a great day here.


via the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

4. Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

You'll need to book a tour for this one, since it's a working animal sanctuary, but it's still great if you want to see how animals that need human help get the love and care that they deserve! Bunnies, goats, pigs and cows all have another chance at life thanks to the work of volunteers and donors. Best of all, you can sponsor a farm animal, then visit him or her when you come. How cute is that?

via Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

5. Salisbury Zoo

Before you head to Ocean City for one last hurrah, why not hit up the Salisbury Zoo first? It's a completely free zoo (but of course it's nice to give a donation), so your next date doesn't even have to cost more than the gas to get there! This zoo is big on conservation, so you can see rare creatures like ocelots, Andean bears and red wolves. They're also planning some fun Halloween-themed events for October, so be sure to check it out!

via Salisbury Zoo


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