5 Facts About Edgar Allan Poe

English class is in session! It's time to learn a few facts about the famous American author Edgar Allan Poe. Baltimore claims this master of the macabre in many ways, and this Halloween season, you can learn a little bit more about this poet and author who once called Charm City home.

1. Poe's final resting place is in Baltimore, Maryland

Poe's grave can be visited in Baltimore! He and his wife are both buried at Westminster Hall. But Poe wasn't born here -- he was born in Boston, MA. He lived everywhere from New York to Virginia to England in the course of his short life, but he spent some time living in Baltimore with his aunt and cousin (and later wife), Virginia. He ultimately met his end in the Maryland port city. How? Well...

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2. We're not completely sure how Poe died

Here's what we do know: Poe was found on the streets of Baltimore on October 3, 1849, in a state of delirium. He was taken to a hospital and died a few days later, at the age of 40. But what caused his death? We don't know. Everything from murder to rabies to alcoholism has been suggested, but the truth is a mystery. 

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3. The Baltimore football team was named for the Poe poem

Many people have heard of Poe's classic creepy poem "The Raven". It tells the story of a man tormented by a terrifying bird, and it's probably the most famous of all of his works. So it makes sense that football fans voted on the raven to represent Baltimore's replacement football team after the Colts left town! Here's a fun fact: Poe had distant cousins who were pro football players back in the early 1900s, including one who was named after him.

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4. Poe wrote more than horror 

We associate Poe with scary stories and petrifying poems, but Poe wrote all kinds of things. He wrote what may have been the first detective story, he dabbled in science fiction, and he wrote humorous pieces and reviews, too. He even used ciphers and codes for readers to figure out.

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5. Poe's legacy lives on here in Maryland

The Baltimore Ravens and the grave of Poe are two of the most famous aspects of Poe's legacy in the Old Line State, but we cherish Poe here in more ways, too! We love wearing Poe on our clothing, incorporating him into our ads, and celebrating his life and his works with festivals. No wonder you can find so many Poe products here at Route One Apparel!

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