Yummy Things To Make With Utz Chips

We couldn't be more excited about our new partnership with Utz! Those crunchy, crispy, salty chips are every Marylander's favorite. As much as we love just ripping that bag open and eating them right away, we wondered...is there more we can do with Utz chips? The answer: duh, yes! Here are a few of the most delicious ways to take those little slices of potato goodness to the next level.


Think a breakfast burrito packed with all kinds of yummy stuff -- eggs, onions, peppers, and, of course, potato chips! You might never eat hash browns for breakfast again.

Oven Baked Onion Rings

The coating on these mouthwatering onion rings is not breadcrumbs but crushed potato chips! Sweet, salty, and oh-so-tasty. 

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Salted Chocolate Tart With Kettle Chip Crust

Not so fast, recipe. We think that this chocolate tart will be just as good -- maybe even better -- if we sub those kettle chips for some of the Utz original flavor potato chips. 

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Mac and Cheese Carbonara With Potato Chip Crust

Mac and cheese is a staple. It's a classic. It couldn't get any tastier...right? Wrong! The addition of some Utz chips will make your mac and cheese even more scrumptious.

Potato Chip Cookies

A little salt to go with the sweet? Yes, please! You're going to want to make these tasty cookies every day from now on -- they go great in care packages for other Marylanders. 

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Salt and Vinegar Potato Chip Fish 

This is a fun spin on fish and chips (as in, fries) -- it's literally fish with chips! Swap out the salt and vinegar Utz chips for crab chips if you're feeling bold. 

Barbeque Chip Crusted Chicken

Goodbye, boring chicken breasts. Hello, zesty, flavorful, Utz-covered chicken! We can't think of an easier way to inject some Maryland flavor.

How are you getting creative with your Utz chips?


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