Which Scarf Is Right For You?

With all of the snow we've been getting lately, the time has never been better to pick up a warm, cozy scarf. Ours aren't just ideal for keeping your face warm on cold winter days -- they're a serious style statement, too! But choosing the perfect scarf can be a challenge. Luckily, we've whipped up a handy quiz to help you select the best one for you!

1. Which song is your guilty pleasure?

A. Pocket Full of Sunshine

B. My Heart Will Go On

C. Tik Tok

D. The Thong Song


2. What's your idea of the perfect snow day?

A. Building snowmen with friends

B. Cuddling with bae inside, where it's warm

C. Having a party to celebrate canceled classes or work 

D. Hitting someone with a perfectly-timed snowball


3. If someone wanted to give you an experience as a gift, what would make you happiest?

A. A Paint Night with wine and all of your pals

B. A couple's massage and spa day

C. A party at a karaoke or piano bar

D. A belly-dancing class


4. What book did you enjoy most back in high school?

A. The Hobbit

B. Romeo and Juliet

C. The Great Gatsby

D. The Scarlet Letter


5. You're at a coffee shop on a chilly day. What do you order?

A. A peppermint latte

B. A hot chocolate

C. A double espresso

D. The most unusual drink on the menu


6. How do you blow off steam?

A. Vent to the groupchat

B. Go see a movie with your significant other

C. Go out on the town

D. Dig up dirt on someone who wronged you


7. Who would be your celebrity bestie(s)?

A. Oprah

B. Ryan Gosling

C. Beyonce

D. Nev and Max from Catfish


Mostly A's: Crabby Susan Scarf

You're everybody's best friend, and you love getting opportunities to meet new people and make new connections! Warmth matters a lot to you when it comes to interpersonal connections -- and this bright, bold scarf will keep you warm, too. Lots of potential new buddies will come strike up a conversation when you're wearing this! 

Mostly B's: Maryland Hearts Scarf

To you, romance is the most important thing in the world-- but state pride is up there, too! Whether you're looking for "The One" or you've already found that special person, it's important for you to be able to show off how much you care. And this scarf that's covered in hearts will definitely do the trick! 

Mostly C's: Natty Boh Red & Gold Stripe Scarf

There's nothing you like better than a good party! You're a total social butterfly and you have the stamina to hit as many parties per weekend as you like. But you need to remember to stay bundled up as you head out this winter -- and this Natty Boh scarf is just the thing to prevent your nose from going cold. Party on! 

Mostly D's: Red Crab & Old Bay Can Scarf

You love to spice things up in your life, whether that's trying something new and unique or finding that perfect bit of gossip to pass along. You'll need a scarf as spicy as you are -- and this Old Bay-themed piece is just the ticket. Wrap it around yourself before heading to that eclectic destination and you'll be all set! 


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