What Sweater Should I Wear?

Brrr! The weather has turned awfully cold here in Maryland, hasn't it? Now that we've gotten into November, it's officially sweater weather, and to take full advantage of that, you're going to need some sweaters. (Duh!) And we've got so many to choose from! Browse through some of our favorites -- we've got a sweater for every occasion. 

Going Caroling: Bo Ho Ho Crew Sweatshirt

You might be part of a choir or choral group, or maybe you're just filled with holiday cheer and you want to sing out in the snow to spread that good feeling! Either way, if you're taking to the streets with your songs, you don't want to freeze. Stay cuddly-cozy and cute as can be in this Boh-themed sweater! Your listeners will love your look as much as they love your voice (hey, maybe even more!).

Going to Christmas Dinner: Bo Ho Ho V. 2 Crew Sweatshirt

Maybe your family treats the main holiday dinner as a fancy affair -- but if things are more casual, and if Christmas dinner is your opportunity to make your family laugh with a fun sweater, this is definitely the one to pick! Mr. Boh's playing Santa, and he's got a gift that any Baltimore resident will love (ironically, at the very least). It's sure to get everyone saying "Boh, ho, ho!" (And if you think you look better in red, don't worry -- we've got you covered.)


Heading to Class: University of Maryland Terps Retro Gold Framed Crew Sweatshirt

Running across campus when it's minus a zillion degrees and snowing/sleeting/raining is no fun at all, we know. But at least you can look amazing -- and stay warm! -- while you do it! This funky, 80's-style Terps-branded sweatshirt is the most vintage way to stay warm this season. (Pair it with some leg warmers, perhaps?)


Cuddling with Bae: Christmas Lights Crab in Green and Red

Okay, so not every couple wants to be matchy-matchy. But these opposite red-and-green sweaters are too perfect to not wear them together! When the two of you are cuddled up watching some holiday classics or catching the game before Thanksgiving dinner, there's no way you're going to catch a chill -- despite the fact you look so cool. (And these two sweaters would be perfect for a pair of best friends or siblings, too!)


Going for a Run: Do You Even Maryland, Bro?

Well, do you even Maryland, bro? This jock-worthy sweatshirt is perfect for actually getting your sweat on! You don't want to freeze when you head out early in the morning for your daily jog down the street, right? If you're looking for something warm and cozy with a clear message, look no further. (Your bros are gonna be SO jealous.)

Traveling Through the Airport: Bocean City Sunrise Hoodie

The airport's going to be busy this holiday season -- everybody wants to get to and from Maryland to enjoy this festive time of year with their loved ones! If you're going to be flying, you want to retain maximum warmth and comfort during that stint in a small, cramped seat in the plane or at your gate. Take some of the relaxing beach vibes with you as you travel with our Bohcean City hoodie! Sure, it's not going to be quite as comfy as sitting with your toes in the sand at OC, but it'll help. 


Ugly Sweater Party: Maryland Lights Black Crew Sweatshirt

We've got a LOT of options that could work for an ugly sweater party -- so if this one's not quite to your taste, don't you worry. But this one's got the perfect balance of tacky and tasteful -- cute, funny, and totally perfect for any Marylander! And if you have to head outside to grab something from the car or walk to your parking spot, you're going to stay totally warm, too. Ugly has never been so pretty!  


Going to the Game: Football Purple Crab Hoodie

Whether you grabbed season passes or are just enjoying a single game, you're not going to want to spend the entire Ravens game shivering! Instead of worrying about how cold you are, focus on how your birds are going to (hopefully) kick butt this season. Sure, everybody there will be rocking the purple and black, but this sweatshirt is pretty unique, and you're sure to get compliments until the end of the fourth quarter. 


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