We Love Fall! 5 Ways to Get in the Autumn Mood

Summer has been great, but we can't lie -- we've really been looking forward to fall! Of course, there are a few things that you just have to have in order for it to really feel like fall. Some of those things, you can't get in a store (we're looking at you, consistent cool, crisp weather), but others, you can get right here at Route One Apparel! 

Something pumpkin spice

We don't make the rules. If it's fall, you've got to have some pumpkin spice around! Sure, you could spend a fortune buying lattes, but we're a fan of pumpkin spice candles instead -- an easy way to keep that delicious smell around in your home without spending all your money. 

A Cozy Sweater

They call it sweater weather for a reason! We know there's nothing better than bundling up in your favorite sweatshirt or pullover on a chilly, rainy, or blustery fall day. How about this reminder to spread Old Bay? It is, after all, the Maryland way! 

A Comfy Blanket

Who could bear to get out of bed or off the couch once the weather starts to get chilly? We don't blame you if you want to stay in and watch all your favorite Halloween movies instead of leaving the house. And you can stay extra cozy in this warm and cuddly Old Bay blanket. 

A Warm Scarf

Of course, if you do need to go out, you might as well stay warm and look your best while you do! This is an ideal scarf for any UMD student or alum -- the bright colors of the Maryland flag are also perfectly autumnal, meaning that our flag gear is great for this time of year. 

A warm mug of tea or coffee

Whether you're after a calming cup of chamomile or a bold cup of joe that will wake you right up, we've got the mug for you! Warm yourself from the inside out with your favorite hot drinks in a mug that celebrates the classic crab chip from Utz! Now that's the perfect fall morning right there. 


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