Water You Waiting For? Go Visit These 5 Waterfalls

One of the best things about Maryland (besides the food, and the people, and the flag...we could go on...) is the fact that it’s packed with lots of great natural spots to visit. Sure, we’re a small state, but that just means all of these amazing destinations are easily driveable! And some of the most worthwhile places to drive in the summer and fall are the waterfalls. Maryland has quite a few waterfalls, but we’re showcasing five that you should absolutely check out here

1 Cunningham Falls

Perhaps Maryland’s most well-known falls, this stunning spot is located in Frederick County, just a few miles from Thurmont. The spot was formerly McAfee Falls, but was renamed for a photographer who loved taking shots of it. It’s a great place to go hiking or to take pictures. Cunningham Falls is the longest cascading waterfall in the state.

Photo from MD DNR

2 Gunpowder Falls

The central zone of Gumpowder Falls State Park in Baltimore County contains both Big and Little Gunpowder Falls, both of which are worthwhile hiking destinations. The park itself was created in 1959 to protect these natural wonders, but it encompasses a lot of land and water -- perfect for fishing, swimming, and horseback riding. 

Photo via MD DNR


3 Swallow Falls State Park

This park in Garrett County contains so many waterfalls that we had to include the whole park! The hiking trail will take you past Swallow Falls (the tallest waterfall in the state) and the smaller Toliver Falls, both of which are great for photo ops! The trail also takes you past gorgeous trees and rock formations along the Youghiogheny River. 

Photo via MD DNR

4 Falling Branch Falls

The land on which these falls are located has only become public in the past 25 years, which means many people haven’t seen the beauty of Maryland’s second-highest waterfall! Visit Harford County’s Rocks State Park to see it for yourself -- and if you’re a fan of rock climbing, try getting to the King and Queen Seats in the park, too. 

Photo via MGS

5 Great Falls 

Straddling Virginia and Maryland, these stunning, cinematic falls are well worth a visit -- they’ve been drawing in ! They can be viewed from both sides, but the Potomac, Maryland side features mule-drawn canal boat roads and observation decks. Learning a little bit about Maryland history and getting that Insta-perfect shot? Win-win.

Photo via MGS


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