Turn Your Home Into A Summer Oasis

Maryland is slowly but surely opening back up, but that doesn't mean everything is going back to normal just yet. Many people are still staying in quarantine and avoiding crowds in order to stay healthy and safe! But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the summer fun. We've got the goods to help you enjoy the warm weather and sunshine right from your own home. 

1. Maryland Flag Flip-Flops

Summer isn't summer without flip-flops! Slip these babies on, and you'll feel more summer-ready in an instant, even if you're just walking outside to grab the mail.

2. Original Utz Chips Large Tumbler

You'll be sipping pretty with this tumbler! Fill it up with plenty of ice and maybe your favorite summertime cocktail, or some nice cold water to keep you hydrated while you enjoy a bag of Utz chips outside on the patio

3. Maryland Flag Crab Pattern Board Shorts

Whether you've got a decked-out, in-ground pool to frolic in or you're content with running around under the hose like when you were a kid, a pair of board shorts is a must on a muggy day in Maryland! 

4. Maryland Flag Bikini Top

Planning on doing a bit of sunbathing this summer? Listen, we're here for any excuse to buy a new piece of swimwear, and you'll want to wear this bright and bold bikini top every day -- even if you're only taking it as far as your own backyard. 

5. Old Bay Can Tank

Mowing the lawn? Working on the garden? Be the envy of all of your neighbors -- and keep the sweat to a minimum -- with this colorful Old Bay tin tank. Now that's what we call a spicy look.

6. Nature Crab White Ladies Tank

Ladies, what's better than taking a socially distance walk or hike in nature? Doing so in a tank like this, which celebrates the beauty of Maryland's natural places in a fun, crabby form.

7. Happiness is a State of Mind Mug

After a long summer's day of chasing around the kids, working from home, or getting absorbed in your current hobby, it's a great idea to head outside and unwind with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. This mug is the one to put it in. 

8. Old Bay Can Hard Cooler

Want to have a good time with your family or housemates? Fill up the cooler with your favorite drinks, make a fire in the fire pit (or light some mosquito repellant candles, if you're short on space) and enjoy each other's company on a warm summer's night.

9. Maryland Flag Apron

We're all doing our part to support local restaurants, but this is truly the at-home grillmaster's time to shine! If it's not a takeout kind of night, show off your stuff by flipping your famous burger and dogs while wearing this Maryland pride apron.

10. Crabby Susan Stemless Wineglass

Another way to support local businesses right now? Buy local wine! Clink your stemless Crabby Susan glasses together and sip some of your favorite Maryland reds and whites while spending some time outdoors. 


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