The 5 Best Places in Maryland To Hunt Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe you wholeheartedly agree that there are spirits that roam the earth, and maybe you think it's all a bunch of baloney. No matter which side you fall on, you can still have a frighteningly good time visiting some of Maryland's most famous reportedly-haunted locations! Grab a bunch of your friends, get a recording device to listen to spectral voices, and try to take some orb photos when you visit these sites:

Fort McHenry, Baltimore

You may know this fort as the place where the events of the Star-Spangled Banner took place -- Francis Scott Key was watching the Battle of Baltimore take place there! If you decide to visit, you may get the feeling that you're being watched, smell gunpowder, or spot shadowy figures that can't be explained. These may be the ghosts of the prisoners who were here during the Civil War or the soldiers who fought for the fort during the War of 1812. Oh say can you see...some ghosts?

Hager House, Hagerstown

The family of Hagerstown's founder, Jonathan Hager, were the first to live in this home, but not the last. The Rohrer family had possession of the home for 200 years before giving it to the city of Hagerstown as a historic site. Now, visitors have reported seeing all kinds of creepy things, like a baby cradle that rocks on its own and apparitions of men, women and children. The Hager House full embraces it haunted status and does many tours, including ghost tours, so get your tickets now!

Frederick County Historical Society, Frederick

This building was built in the 1830's and was formerly a girl's orphanage, but it now houses the county's historical society. Still, it seems that some of the previous residents may still be there! According to Praire Ghosts, a woman in white supposedly can be seen wandering the halls, and music can be heard coming from a broken gramophone. You'll have to visit for yourself to find out if you can have any paranormal experiences of your own.

Westminster Burying Ground, Baltimore

Baltimore's most famous ghost, Edgar Allan Poe, is buried here with his wife Virginia Clemm. If you're a fan of his poems or stories, you can pay your respects by laying flowers and cognac at his final resting place, just like the Poe Toaster. But he's not the only reason to visit this spot! For an extra-creepy experience, take a tour through the catacombs and the church itself. You may even hear the shrieks of the infamous screaming skull.

Lilburn Mansion, Ellicott City

If you're driving on College Avenue, you may see a huge and creepy-looking mansion -- that's Lilburn, and it has a long history of being filled with spirits! Residents have reported hearing the ghostly cries of children and smelling cigar smoke that shouldn't be there. Animals are supposedly afraid in the house, too. It's private property, so please don't trespass, but it IS available to rent via Airbnb! Book a stay...if you dare.  



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