The 15 Best Things About Fall in Maryland

Fall in Maryland -- are there any three words that sound so beautiful together? (Well, maybe 'free steamed crabs', but that's pretty much it.) There are so many great things about this season in Maryland that we can hardly narrow it down to just a few. That's why we've put together such a long list of our favorite aspects of autumn here in this beautiful state! Which one is your favorite? Did we miss anything important?

  1. The way the foliage looks all over the state once the leaves start changing color. Seriously, drive through the Appalachians or through the wooded areas in the rural counties during this time, and you won't be able to tear your eyes away.
  2. Speaking of soaking up the scenic beauty, the state capital, Annapolis, looks absolutely stunning in the fall! Visiting the waterfront at this time of year is a must for Marylanders and out of towners alike. 
  3. Going back to one of Maryland's many colleges for the fall semester, and seeing all of the friends you missed over the summer. Don't forget to get tickets to your school's homecoming game!
  4. The return of football season! It's time to dress up in your purple and black and practice your cawing noises. Head to the stadium in Baltimore or find a local restaurant or pub where you can watch the games on the TV.
  5. Soaking up the last of the sun in September at Sunfest in Ocean City! There's no better way to give summer its last hurrah and hear some music while you're at it.
  6. Grabbing a turkey leg and dressing up in your most royal garb at the Renaissance Festival, which is held August-October in Crownsville each year. You can even see the state sport, jousting, when you attend. 
  7. Celebrating Edgar Allan Poe's life, especially this year! A new festival will be starting this October to take pride in the author's life and works, and it's totally free, too. 
  8. Picking apples and pumpkins at the many farms that are in Maryland -- and there's no shortage of corn mazes and petting zoos too. 
  9. And getting the most out of the local farmer's markets, too! You'll be able to stock up on your favorite end-of-summer and fall crops, as well as cider and jam. 
  10. Getting some great new reads at the Baltimore Book Festival in September -- your favorite author might be here this year! 
  11. Of course, Edgar Allan Poe isn't the only spooky game in town. There are a wide variety of ghost tours all over the state that are most fun in the fall, everywhere from Baltimore to Annapolis to Frederick
  12. Prefer shocks and screams to spooky stories? Six Flags is one of the state's most popular tourist attractions and Fright Fest is a must-visit at this time of year. Prepare to be scared!
  13. And if you'd rather get the kids in on the not-so-scary Halloween fun, there's always the Maryland Zoo's yearly ZooBooo event for children. The little ones can dress up in costumes, trick or treat, and see their favorite critters.
  14. Adults have a great time at the Maryland Zoo in the fall, too, thanks to the annual OktoBEARfest celebration! You can try out a few different brews and say hello to the animals while you're at it. 
  15. And finally, maybe getting a few days of really nice weather....after having several weeks of freezing mornings and sweltering afternoons. That's Maryland for you.



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