Stay Cool, Maryland! Our 5 Favorite Ways to Beat The Heat

July's on its way out, but here in Maryland, we're not out of the woods yet when it comes to hot weather. August, September, and even October can be pretty muggy around these parts! What's the be done when the temperature (and humidity) are too high for comfort? These are a few of our favorite ways to beat the heat.

1. Get in the water

We're lucky to have so many places to go swimming here in Maryland! From the icy-cold waters of the Atlantic to the local lakes and rivers, there's no shortage of swimming spots. But if you don't feel like leaving your own backyard, you could always sit around in our Old Bay pool instead. 

Old Bay Inflatable Pool, $200

2. Get a snowball

We love ice cream here in Maryland, don't get us wrong. But a snowball is something so special to Marylanders, especially when it's dolloped with marshmallow fluff! What's your favorite flavor?

Skyline Snowball Baseball Hat, $25

3. Hydrate, of course!

Staying hydrated is essential every day of the year, but when the temperature gets high, you definitely want to get enough water in you. And everyone knows drinking water is more fun when you have a cute tumbler to sip from! Luckily, we've got you covered. 

Hon Life Tumbler, $25

4. Dress for the weather

The cute long-sleeved shirts can wait until fall. It's time to show off your arms and wear some tank tops that will help you stay cool all season long! If you have to go outside to run errands or mow the lawn, a tank like this one can feel like a lifesaver.

All You Need is Love (and Old Bay) Tank, $25

5. Wait for the sun to go down

Who says picnics have to be during the day? If you want to gather with friends and family outside but can't stand the heat, well, wait for sunset when the world is a little bit more bearable. Spread out some snacks and drinks on a blanket (like this Utz ones) and enjoy some fresh air without all the sweat. 

Utz Blanket, $48.99


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