Route One Apparel's Affordable Gift Guide: Holiday 2018

The holiday season has arrived, and if you're like most of us, you have a shopping list that's about a mile long. You probably think you're going to spend a pretty penny on all of those gifts -- but guess what! You don't have to! We've got some pretty stellar presents for everybody in your life for a price that won't make you choke on your peppermint latte. Here are a few $25-and-under gift ideas:

For the scarf maven: Chevron Crab and Anchor Scarf, $25


Scarves are super stylish, and if you know a fashionista who's also trying to stay warm during the Maryland winter, we've got them covered! (Literally!) This color combination is chic as can be, and the scarf itself can be styled a variety of ways, ensuring the recipient will be able to wear it however they want. 


For the keepsake collector: Maryland Flag Crab Shell Ornament, $15

Do you have a family member who adores ornaments? Make them (and their tree) happy this season by gifting them a unique Route One Apparel crab shell ornament. This one features the classic Maryland flag design, which stands out beautifully against the dark green of a Christmas tree. 


For the globe-trotter: Natty Boh Calvert Can Luggage Tag, $10


Do you know someone who's always on the go, someone whose passport has been stamped to oblivion? They're going to need a little something to remind them of home -- and what's better than this Natty Boh luggage tag? Best of all, it's only $10, so you won't have to get a seasonal job to afford it. 


For the coffee addict: Crabby Holiday Old Bay Mug, $25


Who doesn't love taking that first sip of coffee in the morning? You probably have a friend or a family member who is completely addicted to their morning joe. Now, they can have a fun and Maryland-themed new mug to sip it from, and at a price that's pretty nice. And who says it has to stop at coffee? It's great for tea and hot chocolate lovers, too.


For the new driver: Old Bay Can Key Chain, $10


Have a family member who just got their driver's license? Give them something cool to add to their keyring this season! This gorgeous and colorful representation of the classic Old Bay tin will make it easy for them to find their keys in a purse or on the counter, and it's a pretty cool accessory for any driver to own. 


For the host: Natty Boh Christmas Bottle Opener, $10


There's nothing worse than hosting a party and realizing you don't have a bottle opener! Don't let that happen to the party host in your life. Gift them this super-affordable bottle opener, which is just as festive as it can be -- a great way to say 'thank you' to anybody who has opened up their home (and their beer bottles) for you.


For the jewelry lover: Silver Crab Claw Ring, $14.50

Jewelry is a classic gift for loved ones, but it can really get expensive. This crab claw ring, however, is the perfect combination of classy and affordable! Moms, sisters and girlfriends who love their home state are going to love this gleaming silver piece, and they'll never know that you didn't spend every cent in your bank account on it. 


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