Route One Apparel Gift Guide for Kids

There's nothing more exciting than seeing a little kid's face when he or she opens up the perfect holiday gift! Wondering what to buy for the littlest Marylanders on your list? We've got you covered this year -- check out some of our favorite kid's gifts here.

Locally Grown Onesie


Okay, so maybe this one will delight parents a little more than the child -- after all, babies mostly just love putting stuff in their mouths. But it's the perfect gift for any family with a new baby, especially any family that's got serious Maryland pride. What a perfect way to celebrate baby's first Christmas!


Old Bay Can Baby Bib


There's nothing parents like better than getting a gift for the new baby that's both practical and adorable. This bib definitely ticks both of those boxes! It's a cute and colorful reminder of every Marylander's favorite icon, and it also protects all the cute baby clothes from spit-up and mushed peas. Talk about pulling double duty.


Maryland Flag Rubber Duckie


Every kid needs something to help make bathtime a little bit more fun. Put this darling duck in your kid's stocking, and they'll actually look forward to getting into the tub! It also makes a great little decoration for desks, lockers, and bookshelves -- perfect for any kid who loves Maryland sports.


Cutest Crabcake Shirt


Your kid is the cutest crabcake in the state -- and everyone should know it! They're going to love wearing this fun, colorful shirt that features a cartoony tin of Old Bay. After all, kids ought to know what goes on their food early, right?

Old Bay Blanket

Every kid has a favorite blanket, and we know this one is going to knock the current fave out of the top spot! Soft, colorful and instantly recognizable, your kid is going to want to cocoon inside of this amazing blanket all winter long. Just, you know, try and get it long enough to wash it every now and then. 


Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's Youth Shirt


Got a little baseball fan in your house? Maybe a future major league slugger? Even if they're just in T-ball for now, you can help them dream big with a bright orange-and-black shirt like this one. Be ready for your kid to never want to wear anything else! 


Maryland Mustache Youth Shirt


Maybe your little Marylander isn't old enough to grow facial hair yet, but they can still sport a mustache in the state flag colors! They'll feel like the coolest kid on the block when they're wearing this, and hey, it's pretty hard to argue with that logic. You can get it in an adult size too if you want to match! 


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