Quiz: Lesser-Known Maryland State Symbols

Most Marylanders know quite a few of the Old Line State's symbols. We're aware of the state bird (the Baltimore Oriole), the state flower (the Black Eyed Susan), and the state sport (jousting). But what about a few of the more obscure state symbols? Can you guess a few of the lesser-known ones? Try your skills with this quiz! Answers are at the bottom of the page. 


1. What is the state tree?

A. Black Walnut

B. White Oak

C. Dogwood

D. Japanese Maple


2. What is the state gem?

A. Patuxent River Stone

B. Chesapeake Bay Quartz

C. Washington Garnet

D. Piedmont Topaz


3. What is the state fish?

A. White Marlin

B. Rockfish

C. Tiger Shark

D. Seahorse


4.What is the state exercise (not sport!)?

A. Aerobics

B. Sit-Ups

C. Yoga



5. What is the state folk dance?

A. German Dance

B. Irish Dance

C.Square Dance

D. Russian Dance


6. What is the state drink?

A. Apple Juice

B. Spring Water

C. Milk

D. Prune Juice


7. What is the state dessert?

A. Berger Cookie

B. Cherry Pie

C. Vanilla Ice Cream

D.Smith Island Cake



Answers: B, A, B, D, C, C, D


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