Prep for the Best Halloween Party Ever!

Halloween is one of the most amazing holidays there is. No need to worry about buying the perfect present or whipping up a whole tableful of food -- and no need to meet with relatives that you don't really care to see. Instead, you're expected only to dress up in a fun costume, get free candy and watch your favorite fun or creepy movies. What could be better? Well, having a Halloween party, of course! If you want to have a R1A-approved Halloween party, follow these steps:


What's a Halloween event without pumpkins or Jack-O-Lanterns? Stop by the grocery store -- or even better, the local pumpkin patch -- and grab some pumpkins to decorate. If you're interested in carving a pumpkin that will delight any Marylander, the Baltimore Orioles have a variety downloadable designs that you can place on a pumpkin and carve around. 

Pumpkins that haven't been carved last a lot longer, so if you want to get decorating now and still have your design looking nice by the time Halloween actually rolls around, you can always paint or Sharpie on a design instead. 

Photo via Baltimore Orioles


Look, nobody's gonna come to a Halloween party if there's no food! A bowl of candy is a great start, but it's even better if you have some clever, Halloween-themed snacks for your guests to munch on. If you've carved up some Jack-O-Lanterns for your decorations, don't throw away the seeds. They'll make an easy snack for your guests, or a great topper for other treats.

What else? Well, these adorable mummy dogs are crazy easy to make, and if you want to get a fall-themed snack that also has a Maryland twist, you can't go wrong with this Old Bay-flavored caramel popcorn recipe. And for pure dessert, creative cupcakes are key! 

Photo via Our Best Bites


Some hosts want a seriously involved game. Maybe a murder mystery will scratch that itch? This is not for the faint of heart, but if you're really organized and the type of person who likes to add dramatic flair to things, one of these super-detailed murder mysteries could be for you!

Of course, some people don't want to go to THAT much effort. No worries -- there are much simpler games to play! Bobbing for apples is traditional, but if you'd prefer a sweeter (and less germy) game, a donut chomp game could be perfect for your party guests. 

Photo via So Festive

Another good one is the Mummy Wrap game -- give your guests a roll of toilet paper and have them wrap their friends up like a mummy as fast as they can. Whoever wraps their partner from head to toe first wins!

If everyone at your party is of legal age, it'll be easy to convert these kid-friendly games to add a drinking component to them, too. Get creative! 


Is your costume R1A-worthy? Here are a few ideas of Maryland things to dress up as:

  • Orioles or Ravens player (a jersey's just about all you need!)
  • Oriole or Ravens bird (our bodysuits make that a snap!)
  • Mr. Boh or Utz Girl (ideal couple's costume, right?)
  • Killer Crab (A pair of crab hands and a knife--done!)
  • Giant Baltimore Rat (technically this costume is a mouse, but you'll get the point across!)

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