Our Domino Sugar Collab is Super Sweet!

There's something awfully sweet about the pride that Baltimore has in the Domino Sugar company! Last year, the iconic sign made its way back to the Baltimore skyline, and we wanted to celebrate it the best way we know how -- by helping everyone take pride in all things Maryland. These products are a great way to do just that! 


Domino Sugar Sign Throw Pillow

Add a sweet touch to your home with this throw pillow! Whether it goes in the bedroom, the guest room, or the den, this design is the perfect way to add Baltimore pride (in Baltimore colors!) to your home. 

Domino Sugar Periwinkle Baseball Hat

A baseball hat is a must-have for summertime! What could be better than one with this classic design that will remind everyone of the Baltimore skyline? Perfect for walks, sports games, and picnics. 

Domino Sugar Sign Black Hoodie

Domino Sugar Building Mug

Stay cozy with this hoodie that will keep you warm on those chilly Baltimore days! It features the Domino sugar sign design that everyone knows and loves, and it's nice and snug, too. 

A cup of coffee or tea tastes a lot better with a bit of Domino sugar, doesn't it? Celebrate the local building and sign with this mug that features them both. It's a great gift for any Baltimore friend or family member, too! 

Domino Sugar Vintage Sign Shirt

Looking for your new favorite tee? We've got you covered. Let your Baltimore pride shine as bright as a neon sign when you're wearing this fun shirt that you'll want to wear every day! 


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