No Costume? No Problem!

Let’s face it: elaborate costumes are great, but they take a lot of work. Hot gluing, sewing...who’s got time for all that? You’re a busy Marylander, after all, and if you’re like a lot of us, you haven’t found the time to put that perfect costume together. Fear not! You can still wear something to your Halloween party. Our R1A gear makes it so easy to get ready in a snap -- check these pieces out. 

1. Maryland Things Black Long Sleeve Shirt

No need to turn your closet upside down looking for the perfect thing to wear to that shindig -- all you need is this clever Maryland Things long sleeve shirt to get in the spooky spirit. 

2. Maryland Horror Story Baseball Jersey

Maryland Horror Story? You mean traffic on 695? Jokes aside, this is the perfect jersey to wear on Halloween. 

3 Baltimore Ratzilla Black Shirt  

Nothing’s scarier than the sight of a giant Baltimore rat! Celebrate Halloween, Charm City style, with this funny-creepy shirt. 

4 Halloween Skyline Crab Vintage Black Shirt

We love just how spooktacular this shirt feels! You won’t find a Halloween outfit that’s more Maryland than this one -- and really, no state does spooky quite like we do. 

5 Will Trade Candy for Crabs Shirt

Candy bars and bubble gum have nothing on a spicy steamed crab! We can’t guarantee you’ll get any in your pillowcase this year, but wouldn’t it be cool if more people handed out crabs on Halloween? 

6 Fiend Poe Black Shirt

What’s this state’s most recognizable horror icon? Poe, of course! Take things back to the old school meaning of gothic with this parody tee. 

7 Resting Witch Face Shirt

No, you’re not planning to turn anyone into a frog….yet. It’s just your resting witch face! This shirt is sure to get a laugh at every Halloween bash. 

8 Maryland Crabclaw Massacre Shirt

Can you think of anything more frightening than the Maryland Crabclaw Massacre? Well, if you’re a plump and juicy crab, that’s got to be the scariest thing of all. 



1 Baltimore Baseball Bird Bodysuit  

Want to go all out? Think body suit! Let your inner baseball bird fly when you’re in this bright and bold costume. 

2 Maryland Flag Morph Suit

Or you can show off more state pride than pretty much anyone you know by wearing the Maryland flag from head to toe -- literally!


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