September has come, and with it, a whole host of possibilities! Will you find love, succeed in your career, become the life of the party or help change the world? Madame Maryland knows! Here's what she saw in the stars....
Aries: September is the perfect time to start whipping up some big batches of delicious food! Whether you're trying out the meal planning trend or you want to perfect your cooking skills by Thanksgiving, now's the time to begin proving your worth in the kitchen. (Our cooking essentials bundle can complete the deal!)
Taurus: Going on a trip sometime soon? Make sure you're properly packed! You don't want to get to your destination only to realize you've forgotten your underwear or toothbrush, so give your luggage a second look before you head to the airport. Better safe than sorry! 
Gemini: Whoa, Gemini, it's time to slow down and relax! You're doing amazing at the new class, job or other task you've gotten yourself into, but sometimes you've got to sit down and take a breath (and probably a nice big sip of coffee, too!). If you feel overwhelmed right now, just remember -- you're going to be just fine.
Cancer: Summer babies like you might not take to the cold weather so well -- and if you're feeling chilly, the best ways to warm up are to put on a nice cozy jacket and to curl up with someone you adore! If you're not attached right now, Cancer, keep your eyes open. That special someone could be closer than you think! 
Leo: It just won't do to be caught unawares, Leo -- so think like a Boy Scout and be prepared for just about anything! Keep a few basics in your car, like some spare change, a car charger, and an umbrella. That way, no matter what happens down the road, you won't have to break a sweat!
Virgo: You have never wanted to sit back and be idle when people need help, Virgo. And with so many people in Texas and Florida needing assistance because of the hurricanes, the opportunity has come to show just how generous Marylanders can be. See what you can do to help others, whether it's sending food and water, taking in shelter dogs, or donating money! 
Libra: An encounter with someone new is in the stars for you, Libra. Maybe you accidentally drop your lanyard and a good-looking stranger returns it to you, or maybe you're in the Starbucks line together. Wherever it may be, they're sure to lead somewhere exciting -- and by the end of the month, you might have made a connection. 
Scorpio: You've been reconnecting with people from your past lately, and it's leading to nothing but good things. Maybe your fifth grade bestie has turned out to still be just as fun as they were back then, or maybe your kindergarten crush just matched with you on Tinder (and maybe they were wearing an R1A shirt!). Don't let these blasts from the past pass you by! This is the month to reconnect, and it's going to be awesome. 
Sagittarius: You don't want to believe it, but it's true -- baseball season is winding down. Could summer really have gone by so fast? Well, the stadium hasn't closed up shop yet, and there are still a few home games to support. Get together with your friends for a last hurrah, and prepare for the cooler weather, O's style, with some warm (and bright orange!) socks.
Capricorn: Ever heard of the law of attraction? Like attracts like, right -- so if you want people to become your friend, go out and be friendly! Likewise, a new wallet might draw in some extra cash. Who knows, maybe you'll find a twenty on the ground next time you walk down the street!
Aquarius: Feeling bored with your surroundings? It may be time for a total revamp. Whether you can whip out a can of paint and buy furniture, or you just need to re-arrange your dorm layout, September is the month to breathe new life into your living space. (And some wall art can go a long way!)
Pisces: You've never been one to blend in with the crowd or dress in a blah or drab way. Who says that you should look bland even when you're aiming for a casual look? With our eye-catching tees, you'll be the most stylish one around even when you're bumming it on the weekend. May we recommend this O'Boy baseball jersey? 


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