Madame Maryland's Horoscope: November 2020

Happy November, Marylanders! Autumn will soon give way to winter, and the year is beginning to wrap up. What's coming for you, you may ask? Well, wonder no longer. Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she saw:



A second wind is coming for you this month, Aries. Something you might have given up on previously might be worth coming back to, now that you've taken some time to clear your head and freshen your perspective. That old saying really is true -- if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. 


You're in a mischievous mood this month, and you might be in the mood to play a prank or two. It can be pretty funny to get one up on your loved ones -- just be sure to not take things too far! After all, you want to make people laugh, not make them angry. Know your limits, and the limits of others, too. 


You're really in the autumnal spirit, Gemini! November is a great time to go all out -- knitting, taking photos of leaves, or experimenting with making fall drinks. Embrace it! There's nothing wrong with finding small pleasures wherever you can, especially now that the days are getting short and cold. 

There's a difference between people criticizing you for no reason and people genuinely offering advice to help you out! Don't get them confused, Cancer. Just because someone is telling you how you can improve doesn't mean they're being mean. You might just be acting crabby! 
How much attention are you paying to the details this month, Leo? Sure, you're great with the big picture, but if you're letting the smaller things slip by, those grand plans of your just might not work out the way you've been hoping. Double-check, triple-check, and then check again! 

This month, brush up on your practical skills! Do you know how to unclog a sink, get a stain out of the carpet, or check your car's oil? If not, November might be the perfect month to figure out how to do it! You'll never regret learning how to navigate the world a little more confidently. 


It may not be Christmas yet, but you're already feeling generous. No Scrooges here!, not this year Focus on a local charity, a fundraiser for someone who really needs it, or maybe an animal shelter full of critters that could use a little bit of love. 


Expanding your horizons is a great way to spend your time, even if you can't physically get out and travel. Hop on YouTube or Netflix, order some treats from faraway places, or even go a step further and make a pen pal who lives in another country. See? You're traveling the world, right from your own bedroom. 

Timing is everything, Sag. Is your timing just right, or a little bit off? Take a moment to read the room or see how everyone's feeling before asking for a favor or cracking a joke -- if you don't, you could wind up in some awkward situations with friends or family members. 


Everyone's got a bad habit or two -- even you. You might be so focused on maintaining an outward appearance of perfection that you aren't actually taking time to work on those bad habits of your own. This month, you can work on building some better habits. Goodbye nail biting and habitual fast food!

Is something weighing on your conscience -- maybe something that's not actually that big of a deal? This is the month to let go, forgive yourself, and remind yourself that it's not as important as it might seem. Talk it out with someone you trust, and you may feel that guilt or anxiety just slide away. 

Be honest, Pisces, how's your sleep these days? November might be the perfect month for a sleep reset! Instead of staying up for hours scrolling through Instagram (and yes, we all do it sometimes), give yourself a gentler new bedtime routine. Who knows, you might actually become a really well-rested person before the new year! 


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