Madame Maryland's Horoscope: March 2022

Happy March, Marylanders! It's time to see what the springtime has in store. Life may be as unpredictable as Maryland weather, but Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball to see what's coming up for your sign -- here's what she saw.



Change can be scary, Aries -- you like things just the way they are! If things are beginning to shift this month, you may feel some resistance. Why can't things just stay the same? Well, this change may be more important and more exciting than you realize. Give it a chance! 



How often are you the one to initiate plans, and how often are you the one to be invited? If things are out of balance, it's time to even the score. If you're always waiting for others to take the wheel, go out of your way to do it yourself! But if you're always the one to take charge, it's time to let someone else do the work.


Tiny pleasures can make life feel absolutely grand, Gemini. Just because something isn't huge or life-changing doesn't mean it has no value. An ice cream cone, a car wash, a sunny day -- take some time to appreciate the small things today! 


Being dependable will get you far this month, Cancer. The people who love you may need to lean on you a little bit extra this month, and you can be the one to help them weather the storm. Just by being around to answer that phone call or talk through that dilemma could make that person's life much easier. 


It's okay to change your mind, especially if you've gotten some new information, Leo. Even if you thought you wanted something, finding out what all it entails could make you reconsider -- and there's nothing wrong with that. 


Sure, you could try doing it all on your own this month, Virgo. But you don't have to! In fact, getting a little help could make a huge difference. Even delegating a few small tasks could make you feel a lot less overwhelmed. And yes, the people in your life want to help! 


This is no month to act childish. Instead of engaging in high school-style gossip and backstabbing, it's time to be honest, straightforward, and mature. Be honest about your feelings and save the games for board game night. It's tempting to indulge those feelings, but resist the urge! 


No need to be so modest this month! In fact, Scorpio, now's the perfect time to accept some much-deserved kudos for something you did at work, school, or in your social circle. After all, you put in the work, so shouldn't you get the applause?


Is your body telling you something? Now's the time to listen! No more ignoring that toothache or putting off that checkup. After all, self-care is so much more than just taking bubble baths. Getting those scary but necessary tasks out of the way will serve you body and mind, long term.


We all know that relationships, both romantic and platonic, take work. This month is a great time to ask yourself where you can do a little extra. Send your best friend a gift card for lunch, or surprise your SO with concert tickets. 


There's a reason spring cleaning is a thing. You probably still have boxes, bags, and packaging from the holidays lying around, Aquarius! Hang onto what you think you'll use again and ditch the rest. We're almost to Easter; it's past time! 


Thinking about the one who got away or the former best friend who wronged you won't do you any good this month. In fact, it might just make your heart hurt a little more. It's time to focus on the good in your life -- the folks who are there for you through thick and thin!


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