Madame Maryland's Horoscope: June 2021

Happy June, Marylanders! Now that summer is here, you're probably wondering what the best way to spend your time might be. Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and she knows what activity will be best for each sign! Here's what she saw.

Aries: Swimming

Even a firey sign like you needs to cool off! Why not head to your favorite swimming spot? Whether you hit Ocean City's beloved beaches or you find a local pool to chill in, you can while away your summer swimming -- don't forget the swimsuit


Taurus: Farmer's Market Shopping

From flowers to baked goods to fresh produce, there's so much to see and buy at a Maryland farmer's market. You'll love spending your weekends out and about, searching for that perfect vendor with the tastiest goods. 

Gemini: Photography

Even if you don't have a professional camera, you can practice your photography skills this summer! Grab some striking shots of a city at night or start taking some fancy food photos (and yes, selfies count as fine art, especially when you're wearing Route One Apparel items). 

Cancer: Camping

Pitch the tent, Cancer -- it's time to enjoy the great outdoors. Find a new spot in the wilds of Maryland to explore, invite your friends, and bring some marshmallows for roasting. (Glamping also applies here, so even if you don't love sleeping on the ground, you can still get out in nature!)

Leo: Dining Outdoors

Thanks to COVID, we're no strangers to eating outdoors. But there's truly something charming about having dinner outside, especially now that we're a lot freer to enjoy it with friends and family that we've missed. Take full advantage of the al fresco experience and linger as long as you like over a good meal or drink. 

Virgo: Birdwatching

What kinds of birds live right in your own backyard? Well, if you don't know, now's a great time to find out. Set up a feeder or head into your local woods and you'll be amazed at what you'll find! You might even spot a local mascot or two. 

Libra: Gardening

What's better than seeing your porch or yard filled with lush plants and beautiful colors? Getting the satisfaction of knowing you grew them yourself! The time has come to flex your green thumb -- try growing flowers and veggies from a seed, or shrubs and saplings from a sprout. 

Scorpio: Road Tripping

Let's hit the road! Scorpio, you're ready to see some sights. Maybe you're only willing to go an hour or two away, or maybe you're ready to go a few weeks. No matter what you decide, it's time to create the perfect playlist, stock up on snacks, and bring your friends. 

Sagittarius: Cicada Viewing

It's an opportunity that only comes around once every seventeen years! Sag, you'll have a great time looking for molting cicadas -- sketch them, gather their husks, or take some photos. Or just enjoy a picnic outside while listening to their (very loud) songs. 

Capricorn: Stargazing

When's the last time you were in a place where you could really see the stars? Head out of the light pollution and into a place where you can really appreciate all of the wonder above you. Download some star maps so you can find the constellations you know in the summer sky! 

Aquarius: Seashell Hunting

There are so many places to go in Maryland to find shells! Whether you head to the beach or you opt for fossil hunting at Calvert Cliffs, you'll have the time of your life seeking out the perfect shell for your collection. Don't forget to post your discoveries on Instagram!

Pisces: Hiking

Ready to hit the trails? You've felt particularly cooped up this winter, and now that the warm weather is here, you're ready to explore the woods and parks of Maryland to your heart's content. Grab some boots and a map -- you'll be happiest of all when you get to that perfect lookout spot. 


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