Madame Maryland's Horoscope: July 2020

It's July, Marylanders! Summertime is well underway. Looking for something to do to beat the heat? Why not find yourself a nice shady spot and read your horoscope for this month? Madame Maryland looked into her horoscope, and here's what she saw:

It's a lot easier to pass on gossip than to check and see if it's actually true, Aries. Are you spreading false information? This month, be careful about what you say and who you say it about -- or you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle with someone you care about. 
Your self-confidence has been feeling pretty high lately -- maybe you've been working on a new project that you're proud of, or you've accomplished something that you hadn't been sure you'd be able to do. Why not brag this month, Taurus? You've earned it!
You know who to turn to when you need to laugh, cry, or vent, Gemini. And this month, you might find some new confidantes that you can tell your secrets to! It might be an old pal you've reconnected with, or a new friend you made online, or heck, maybe even a new pet. After all, puppies never blab!  
You're in a lovey-dovey mood this month, Cancer, so why not let everyone know? There's nothing wrong with announcing your affection for your significant other or your friends and family, and they might even be flattered to be so hyped up in your Insta stories or on your Twitter page. 
You're not normally the one to be extra-organized, Leo, but this month, you've been feeling the need to, say, re-do your entire closet, start making some grocery lists, or throw out all the junk that's been accumulating in your drawers. Ride the wave! It's awfully satisfying, even if you're the only one who will see it. 
Let's get creative this month, Virgo. You've been missing all your friends who live far away, but you can use July to have some unique virtual hangs with them. Why not do a wine tasting or foreign candy sampling from your home -- everyone buys the same one, and then you all dish your thoughts. 
You could be the one to inspire a young mind this summer, Libra! Whether you've got a kiddo of your own or you have a godchild or niece or nephew who looks up to you, this is a great month to recommend them a favorite book, encourage them to learn more about a favorite animal, or just let them brag about their grades from this wacky school year. 
Have you been hiding a guilty pleasure, Scorpio? What's there to be guilty about, anyway? This month, quit worrying about what people will think about your affinity for that boy band/TV show/ weird food combination and just enjoy it openly. You might find that you can connect with someone in your life over it, too. 
Minor frustrations shouldn't lead to major blowouts, Sag, but every now and then they do. This is the month to pay close attention and make sure that you're not making mountains out of molehills! If something doesn't turn out exactly the way you want -- your package is a day late, your recipe didn't quite turn out -- it's nothing to get upset over. 
Nothing is harder for a Capricorn than admitting you were wrong. But every now and then, you miss the mark, and you need to own up to it! This month is not the month to dig in your heels and insist you're correct. Apologize, own up, and learn from your mistakes. 
July is a great month for taking a break from it all -- summer vacation, anyone?-- but it's not an excuse to shrug off all responsibilities! Just because you're taking it easy doesn't mean you need to avoid putting away the dishes or getting out the vacuum cleaner. Your household will appreciate it!
There's a difference between having a child-like wonder and just being plain childish. This month, ask yourself which one you're being! It's great to have fun and not be a stick in the mud, but it's equally important to not be a brat. Striking that balance will make your life a lot easier. 


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