Madame Maryland's Horoscope: July 2019

July is here, Marylanders! Summer is in full swing, and the living truly is easy...right? Well, if you're not totally certain about how things are going or what you should do, let Madame Maryland help. Here's what she saw when she looked into her crystal ball.

It's tempting to make jokes where you put yourself down or make yourself out to be less than you actually are. But this month is a great time to start thinking about how you're talking about yourself -- and a great time to switch things up. Say something sweet about yourself instead!  
You're thinking long-term this month, Taurus! Maybe you're planning to buy a house, switch jobs, transfer schools...whatever that goal of yours is, July is the perfect time to start planning and plotting to make it become a reality. We know you can do it!
Has a friend of yours been suddenly out of the picture, Gemini? You may be the one to help someone who could use a hand this month. Pay attention, ask questions, and be there for that person who really needs you -- you may just turn their whole day, month, or even life around! 
Not to sound like your grandma, Cancer, but this could be the perfect month to unplug a bit. Leave your phone in your bag or at home and head out into the world (or just hang out at your place with a good book or a new non-digital project) and enjoy the world around you. You're not going to miss anything important on Instagram, promise!
A small comment might be lingering in your head -- are you making a mountain out of a molehill? Now could be a good time to clear the air, but remember that sometimes an innocent remark is just that. Don't let it hang over you as you go about enjoying everything July has to offer! 
Feeling exhausted, Virgo? We don't blame you -- you've been on the go for a while now. It's time to sit back and take stock to make sure you're not on your way to burning out. Summer is for vacations, after all, so why not take advantage of this time and plan something fun for yourself? 
What's new, Libra? Everything, this month! July will be full of changes for you, but you should welcome those changes with open arms. Something that you've been waiting for may finally be coming to pass, and that means embracing all of the new things that come with it. 
You're not a fan of repeating yourself, Scorpio, so why does it feel like nobody is listening when you say something the first time? Don't lose patience or flip out on anybody -- just work on being clear, firm, and saying exactly what you mean so you don't have to go through this song and dance over and over.  
Money doesn't grow on trees, and you're feeling acutely aware of that this month. July may be the month for you to save so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors later (cruise in the winter, perhaps?). Don't worry -- there are plenty of cheap or free things to do in Maryland this summer so you're not missing out on time with friends or family. 
You get a lot done in a day, Capricorn, but your determination to get as much accomplished as possible may mean that you're leaving some people in your life feeling ignored or neglected. Don't let them go on believing they're not welcome in your life! Why not text them and see how they're doing? 
Someone in your life is getting on your last nerve, Aquarius -- and the worst part is that they probably don't even realize it. Don't let things fester! July is a great time to sit down with that person and have a light but honest chat about whatever is bothering you. You're going to feel much better when you do. 
There's a difference between selfish and self-care, and doing things for yourself this month or asking for a little extra help when you need it definitely falls under self-care! Don't be afraid to say so if you feel like you could use some more attention or if there's anything else you need. It's all part of being human! 


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