Madame Maryland's Horoscope: February 2019

February has arrived, and there's so much potential for all kinds of new opportunities and meetings. What's in your future, Marylander? Who better to ask than Madame Maryland? She looked in her crystal ball, and here's what she saw.
Is travel calling your name this month? You're not going to be content with a mere day trip -- you're really ready to get away for awhile. If there's no way to take an extended vacation this month, use your time wisely to plan, plan, plan. That way, by the time you can take off in the summer or fall, you'll be fully prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.
This month, everyone's going to be seeking advice, and who better to get it from than their favorite steady Taurus? You're feeling particularly grounded and clear-headed, and you've got some particularly good insight to offer. They say a job well done is its own reward -- but their gratitude will feel pretty great, too!
Do you always seem to ignore your own thoughts or feelings? This is the month to start listening to yourself -- your gut is speaking to you for a reason! If you have a particularly good or bad feeling about something, don't blow that feeling off. Self-doubt has no place in your life, Gemini! You'll be glad you got in better tune with your instincts. 
Even the very best-laid plans can go awry, Cancer, but there's no need to take it personally? Believe folks when they tell you something came up -- they'll make up that time to you soon. Sure, it can be a letdown when your night out or dinner gets canceled, but don't believe in any conspiracy theories that your brain might be cooking up. It'll all work out in the end.
Even your closest friends or family members can drive you crazy sometimes, and it's not wrong to want a break, Leo. You typically thrive on attention, but this month, you may want to give your onstage persona a break and try treating yourself to some you time. By the time March rolls around, you'll feel fresh and ready to jump back into the social scene. 
Thanks to the release of a certain Netflix show, everyone's been obsessing over tidying their homes and lives, and no one more than you, Virgo! Of course, there's more to a Marie Kondo-worthy tidy life than just cleaning out a closet. If there's a person or situation in your life that isn't sparking joy, go ahead and get rid of it. Much better!
You've been pretty tight-fisted with your cash recently, Libra, and that's something to commend. After all, it's always a good idea to have something stored away for a rainy day. But you don't have to live like a miser, either! Treating yourself to something small this month won't wreck your nest egg, and you deserve to treat yo self, right?
You're not typically known for being shy, Scorpio, but the cat may have your tongue this month. If you're feeling a little bashful when it comes to talking to that cute new person in your class or speaking up about something at work, don't fret. You'll feel good once it's done with -- and you might reap some serious rewards, too! 
You've spent the last few months planning something, Sagittarius, and this is the month to put those plans into action. Whether it's a major change like a move (though you wouldn't leave Maryland, right?) or a smaller one like a new hairstyle, now's the time to just take a deep breath and go for it. Best of luck!
Have you got a temper this month? Even if you're normally cool as ice, you might find your anger mounting more frequently than normal. Here's a reminder to take a deep breath and count to ten so you don't accidentally sabotage your hard work with loved ones or your career. A little dose of chill goes a long way! 
It's all about new discoveries this month -- you've gotten too tired of the same old, same old, to keep at it any longer. Go searching through local record stores, hit up the library, or try a Netflix show that you'd ordinarily never give a shot. Imagine how great it will feel to jump into something new and fun! 
Have you been feeling like you're overly needy this month? Don't worry, Pisces -- your friends and family love to see you succeed, and they're happy to give you all of the help and support that you need. Rely on those trustworthy folks to get you over those bumps in the road, and you'll be standing on your own two feet in no time.


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