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Madame Maryland's Horoscope: December 2018

Eva Niessner

Madame Maryland's Horoscope: December 2018

 What a year it's been, Marylanders! There have been good times and rough patches, and now you've just about made it to the end of 2018. Wondering what's in store for the last few weeks before the new year? No problem -- Madame Maryland has looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she's seen. 

Good news is on its way to you, Aries! Maybe you'll be hearing back from that dream job you applied to, or maybe that super-cutie that you've had your eye on will make the first move. No matter what, you're going to have a season to remember this December -- in a good way! Be sure to share the love, luck and wealth with everyone else in your life. 
It's a time of new discoveries for you, Taurus. Maybe you're finding some amazing new clothes to rock (wink wink -- we can help with that) or maybe you're finding some killer new music or podcasts to listen to on your commute. Don't let that spirit of curiosity and adventure stay behind. Bring it with you into 2019, and you'll thank yourself all year long. 
It's a stressful season for everyone, but you've got a secret weapon, Gemini -- your friends! This month, know it's okay to lean on them as much as you need to. It's a lot harder to go at life alone, and they're going to make you feel as important and sane as you deserve to be. If you need something, just ask, and they'll deliver. (Don't forget about being there for them, too! If you sense one of them is down, pay them back for their kindness right away.)
Are you a master chef, or more of a novice in the kitchen? No matter which one you'd consider yourself, you're feeling the call to prove yourself to your relatives over the holidays in the form of delicious foods. Who says it won't come out delicious just because it was made out of spite? Show your aunts or your grandma a thing or two -- all of those Food Networks shows you've been watching will finally pay off.
Is there someone in your life that you haven't connected with in awhile? If you've seen a Facebook Memory that made you think about the good times with an old friend who moved away, now's the perfect time to send them a message saying hello. Maybe they've been thinking about you too -- and why not end 2018 by having an old friend become a gold friend?
Your hosting skills are beyond reproach normally, Virgo, but this month, you're really going to take it to the next level. No other holiday host will be able to compare -- just don't forget to take a breather when that big party is all said and done! After all, nobody can be in perfect-host mode all of the time. And it's okay to go with the flow if someone tips over the gravy boat. We promise it's not the end of the world. 
You've usually got everything in balance, Libra -- but not everyone else in your life has it all together in the same way. You may feel tempted to be impatient with the people in your life who aren't so organized, but resist that urge. Instead, find out what you can do to be helpful. Put that good karma out into the universe and you'll be surprised at how quickly it comes back to you!
What's stopping you from telling that special someone how you really feel, Scorpio? (Besides, you know, how entirely nerve-wracking it is to be vulnerable --that's not really something Scorpios are known for.) Make this confession your last big bang of 2018, and you may enter the new year with a new relationship that could last for a long time. Just be brave!
Is there someone close to you who's really grinding your gears this month? Now's a good time to talk it out before you blow up on them -- chances are, they have no idea that they're doing anything at all. After all, giving in to hotheaded urges will lead you nowhere good, so take a deep breath and get your thoughts in order. You'll be glad you did before the year's up so you can start fresh with this person in 2019. 
A clean start is exactly what you need to end your year -- literally. Take some time to toss any trash, donate anything that's in good shape that you're not using anymore, and put away things that could find a better home than just on your coffee table. Make more room in your closet and on your walls for some new gifts (after all, you're about to be inundated with presents!). 
Where can you best put your creative abilities to use this month, Aquarius? You're one of the artsiest signs of the zodiac, and the holidays are a great time to take advantage of that fact. Create some gorgeous cards to send out, craft a wreath that all the neighbors will be jealous of for your front door, or invent some fun new drink recipes -- no one will believe you didn't get it from a cookbook!
Feeling like a chicken with your head cut off this time of year, Pisces? It's time to stop and take a deep breath. You can say no to whoever and whatever you feel you need to, and you don't have to worry about getting flak for it -- seriously, people won't know that you need a break until you say so. So don't feel bad about speaking up and passing on making a batch of cookies for the work party.

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