If You Do These 5 Things, You're a WTMD Addict


One of the coolest facets of the Baltimore music scene is the radio station out of Towson University, WTMD. It's not just a place to go when you want to hear stuff no other radio stations are playing -- they're an awesome source of free concerts, music trivia, and a launchpad for so many local musicians trying to break into the biz. And if you're like many Marylanders, you may have a sliiight issue with how much you're into this station. Which of the following symptoms sound like you? 

1. You talk about all of the DJs like they're your friends.

"Oh, I heard Alex saying..." "Who's Alex?"

"Sam loved this album..." "Who's Sam?"

If your friends aren't used to you referencing the DJs by their first names, as if the two of you are best buddies, they're clearly not paying attention. But the friends who are used to it know the whole crew, and definitely know which one is your favorite. Of course, the one who spins the best tracks is fully up for debate, and you might even feel disloyal for changing favorites. But no matter who you're listening to, you're guaranteed to hear great music! 

2. Your friends notice you never complain about your commute.

Commutes suck. You're sitting in traffic, just crawling along, and other drivers are acting like, well....jerks. What could possibly turn your commute from a highway to hell to the best part of your day? WTMD, of course! When your radio is tuned to 89.7, your blood pressure doesn't skyrocket -- you're too busy tapping your fingers against the steering wheel and enjoying some new tunes. 

When you see this bumper sticker on the car ahead of you, you know they're cool. Via wtmd.org.

3. You get to brag that you heard that artist before they went mainstream.

You've become such a hipster since you started listening to 89.7. Now, every time a friend of yours says "Have you heard this song by...?", your answer is always the same -- "Are you kidding? I heard that on WTMD a month ago." Okay, well, maybe it's not the nicest thing in the world to rub it in, guys. But if you're hearing the good stuff before everyone else, it's awfully hard to not say so! If you're really good, you've already convinced your friends to listen along with you so you can all be hipsters together

Hozier taking WTMD fans to church before he went mainstream. Photo via Eva Niessner.

4. You've altered your plans so you don't miss your favorite radio shows.

If you've tried to get a doctor's appointment for 2 pm on a Saturday instead of 3 so you don't miss the Saturday Alternative, or left a family event right before 5 so Detour is coming on as soon as you get in your car, well, you're not alone! Fellow addicts are subtly tweaking their daily schedules so that they don't have to miss a second of their favorite moments. And the person who delays you at the grocery store or the gas station better hurry, or you're going to be seriously grumpy about missing the first few minutes of Weasel's Wild Weekend.

5. You've dragged all of your friends to the events -- and gotten them hooked, too!

When your favorite radio station is putting on free shows, like the summer concert series First Thursdays and the Live Lunch events, or hosting album release parties for up-and-coming artists, you know exactly what your plans are going to be that day! From hosting classic musicians to creating fun musical spaces for little kids to play and dance, WTMD has something for everybody. And when you take your friends along, they're sure to get just as excited about the station as you are. 


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