How To Throw A MD-Themed Baby Shower

You can't believe the time has almost come! Your sister, or best friend, or someone else special to you -- they're going to have a baby, and soon. Of course you're going to throw them a baby shower, but maybe you're wondering what theme to choose. Not that we're biased or anything (okay, well, maybe a little...), but we've got ideas for a Maryland-themed baby shower to welcome that newest little bundle of joy. It's a gender-neutral theme, perfect if the parents are keeping that part a secret, and it's ideal if the parents are huge fans of crabcakes, lacrosse, and all the best parts of the state. 

Snacks and drinks are in order for the guests, but it's probably a good idea to steer clear of the Bohs for the mother-to-be to toast with. Instead, opt for a mocktail version of the Black-Eyed Susan. (Kids and non-drinkers in attendance will love this fruity, summery drink, too!) Feast and West has the recipe for both cocktail and mocktail, so you can make sure everybody is happy.  

(Photo via Feast and West)

What about snacks? Well, Utz chips and fingers foods are musts for the buffet table, but if you've got the time and energy to get really creative, Tastykitchen has the cutest crab cake pops that you've ever seen in your life. (Take note--that's red velvet cake that looks like a crab, not a crab cake covered in red candy coating.) They'll be the hit of the party, and the mom-to-be is going to love snacking on something so Instagrammable.


(Seriously, could this crab pop BE any more adorable? Photo via Tastykitchen)

If you don't feel like putting in quite that much effort, but you really want a Maryland-worthy dessert to satisfy Mama's sweet tooth, why not whip up a less-involved but equally-delicious Baltimore Bomb Pie? The decadence of this treat is perfect for any Berger cookie lover (yeah, there's an entire box of Berger cookies in here!). Best of all, the recipe is easy as -- we said it -- pie.  

Of course, the most important part of the baby shower is, just like the name suggests, showering mom and baby in gifts -- and we can help out with that! We've got onesies of all kinds, so the new arrival will have a whole wardrobe full of stylish, Maryland-themed looks before they're even born. (Seriously, how amazing would it be to come into this world with a full R1A closet?) Check out all of our baby clothes right here:

Keeping everything thematic is easy with our wrapping paper and tissue paper for those awesome gifts you've gotten. (Pink and blue baby gifts are so passe -- red, white, black and yellow is what's in.) The gift table will look even prettier when you add some Black-Eyed Susans in a vase or, for hipster credit, a Mason jar. 

Have you or someone you know had a Maryland-themed baby shower? We'd love to see pics or hear about it in the comments! 


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