How Much of a Dog Mom Are You?

Do you think you're a dog mom? Like one of those dog moms? Let's find out! Give yourself a point for everything you've done, then scroll to the bottom to see your results:

  1. You have a dog
  2. You have multiple dogs
  3. You have more dogs than people in your household
  4. You know your dog's birthday
  5. You celebrate your dog's birthday
  6. You've said you can't do something because it's your dog's birthday
  7. You've called off work for your dog's birthday
  8. You've given your dog a cake for its birthday
  9. You buy gifts for your dog on holidays
  10. You buy gifts for your dog on holidays other than Christmas
  11. You dress your dog up for Halloween
  12. You wear a matching costume with your dog on Halloween
  13. You give out dog treats on Halloween so the dogs don't feel left out
  14. You've gotten your dog a custom item with its name on it
  15. Your dog has its own area in the house
  16. Your dog has its own room 
  17. Your dog has a middle name
  18. Your dog has a nickname
  19. Your dog has multiple nicknames
  20. You refer to your as a member of your family
  21. You refer to your dog as your child
  22. You would rather have your dog than a human child
  23. You have human children, and consider your dog one of its siblings
  24. You have spent more on dog food than on human food
  25. You have spent more on vet bills than your own doctor's bills
  26. Your dog was a member of your wedding party (or you plan to put your dog in your future wedding party)
  27. Your dog was in your wedding photos
  28. You've had a special photoshoot just for your dog
  29. You've cried dropping your dog off at daycare
  30. You've cried leaving for work because your dog couldn't come
  31. You've gotten a doggy DNA test
  32. You've picked a restaurant because it was dog friendly
  33. You've picked a vacation spot because it was dog friendly
  34. You've turned down invitations to hang out so you could spend more time with your dog
  35. You have art of your dog in your home
  36. You have a tattoo of your dog on your body
  37. You won't date anyone your dog doesn't like
  38. You play music for your dog
  39. You play shows or movies for your dog
  40. You believe your dog has a favorite musician/show
  41. Your dog is featured on your dating app profile
  42. You can't go into a pet store without buying your dog a toy
  43. You've bought clothes for your dog
  44. Your dog has multiple outfits depending on the season
  45. Your dog has multiple harnesses and leashes in different styles
  46. You coordinate your outfits to match your dog's harness or leash
  47. You let your dog sleep in bed with you
  48. You dream about getting a bigger bed for more dogs
  49. You dream about getting a bigger home for more dogs
  50. You own a Route One Apparel Dog Mom hat

If your score is 0-15: You like dogs, but you also don't want it to be your entire identity. You might be more of a cat person, but you know that your dog is pretty cool, and you're really glad that you've got them by your side.  

If your score is 16-30: You're a budding dog mom! You haven't gone whole hog yet, but you're well on your way, especially since dog costumes products just keep getting better (and more tempting). 

If your score is 31-50: You are a dog mom through and through! People probably know you first and foremost as being a dog mom -- especially if you're wearing that hat. Did you know we also have it in plum and charcoal


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