Holiday Gift Guide: Utz

The holidays will be here before you know it! Do you know what the Utz lovers in your life really want? Well, we sure do! We've got a huge collection of Utz chip products, and we're here to share some of our faves. Check out our picks below!


Utz Girl Knit Beanie

The cold days are just beginning here in Maryland, but when you give your loved ones this cozy beanie with their favorite chip logo on it, they'll be happy and warm all winter long!

Utz Crab Chips Tin Ball Ornament

What's a Maryland Christmas tree without a little spice? Add something delicious to your friends' and family's gift pile by giving them this crab chip ornament! 

Utz's Knows Potato Chips Mug

Do you know a coffee lover? A tea fanatic? If they're also an Utz chip aficionado, they'll adore this vintage-style mug that's perfect for chilly mornings. 

Utz Quality Foods Shirt

There's nothing like reaching into a fresh new bag of Utz chips, and your loved ones know that well! Help them show off their love of that fresh chip feeling with this collegiate-style tee. 

Utz Orginal Chips Tumbler

Eating salty chips is thirsty work! Luckily, this is the perfect gift for any Utz lover -- it'll help keep them hydrated while also helping them show off their favorite food. 

Utz Crab Chips Knit Sweater

Crab chips have never been so cozy! This fun and festive sweater is sure to make your giftee delighted -- after all, it's the best of both tasty chips and holiday cheer. It's perfect for parties, too! 

Utz Barbeque Chips Apron

If you know someone who loves to cook, bake, or tend to the grill, this BBQ-flavor Utz chip apron is a gift that is sure to please. They'll want to wear it every time they're in the kitchen, no matter what the season.

Utz Girl Blue Crew Socks

The older we get, the more we appreciate a good pair of socks, and your giftees will love this colorful pair that features the iconic Utz girl! Thrill them with a pair that's far more fun than the average socks. 


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