Having a July 4th Barbeque? You’re Gonna Need These 10 Things

Whether you’re hosting or attending, a July 4th barbeque is one of the most fun events of the summer. You’ve made sure you have enough buns and patties, but there may be a few other things that you still need before your cookout can be perfect. That’s where we come in! Check out the products we have to offer:

Crabby Claws Oven Mitts (Set of 2)

Hot dishes are no match for you when you’re wearing these claws! Safety has never looked so cute -- or crabby.

Crabby Susan Apron

Manning the grill this year? Keep all the associated smudges and splatters off your favorite Route One Apparel shirt with this Crabby Susan apron.

Maryland Flag Pot Holder

All those hot plates and dishes need a safe place to land, and this Maryland flag pot holder is what you can put them on. (Even if you don’t NEED one for your outdoor picnic table, come on -- it’s such a great accessory!)

4 Home is Where the Old Bay is Koozie

You gotta keep the drinks cold this July 4th! Whether you’re cracking open a local brew or prefer a soda instead, you’ll know you’re not sipping a warm drink when you’ve got this koozie on the can.

Natty Boh Baseball Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a must-have for any cookout, especially Fourth of July! This bright orange one is perfectly summer-themed, thanks to its baseball colors and motif.

Maryland Ful Flag Crab Tumbler 

A hot day requires easy access to a cold beverage, and our crabby tumbler will make it easy to stay hydrated as you snack, gossip, and have fun at your July 4th gathering!

Maryland Flag Wine Koozie

A bottle of wine may be the perfect finishing touch to your evening -- now, you can toast Independence Day with wine that’s at the right temperature, thanks to our Maryland flag wine koozie.

Maryland Flag Beach Towel

Maybe there’s a sprinkler going, maybe there’s a pool nearby, or maybe you’re about to get into an epic water balloon battle. No matter what, you’ll need the right towel to dry off afterward, like this MD flag beach towel!

Maryland Flag Lunchbox

Bringing all of your favorite recipes to the cookout may require some hauling -- but our lunch box is suited to the task. Way better than trying to balance everything on the front seat of your car.

10 Maryland Flag Blanket

The fireworks display is about to begin -- do you have a soft place to sit or lie down in order to watch ‘em? When you have this Maryland flag blanket, you definitely do!


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