Happy Self-Improvement Month! 5 Ways To Make Yourself Proud

September is the time to celebrate a lot of wacky holidays -- it's Chicken Month (and who wouldn't love to have an excuse to eat Miss Shirley's all month?), International Square Dancing Month (so grab your partner and swing them round) and Honey Month (too sweet!). But we're most excited about it being Self-Improvement Month -- and we've got a few tips on making yourself the absolute best Marylander that you can be.

1. Take care of your physical health

We've probably all left our New Year's resolutions by the wayside by now, but we really ought to pick them back up ASAP -- no need to wait for January to roll back around. Don't think you can fit healthy habits into your busy life? Don't worry; Greatist has tips on doing just that. Even small changes, like swapping soda for water or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, are going to help feel better in the long run. 


 Get it? The long run?

2. Take care of your mental health, too!

Your brain deserves to be as healthy as your body is! If you feel like stress is getting you down, you may want to look into some ways to find relief. Yoga is a great way to unwind and work your body and mind, and so is meditation. (And we've got the mats if you need one!) There are lots of great spas and yoga studios here in Maryland to visit, but even if you don't feel like you have time to visit them, you can download a mindfulness app and practice in the privacy of your own home, any time you like. 

Just close your eyes and imagine a big bushel of steamed crabs...

3. Make your space look and feel amazing

It can be tough to feel good about yourself if you don't feel good about the space you're living in, whether that's a house, a dorm room, or an apartment. At the very least, it may be time to throw away the empty Royal Farms boxes and Utz Crab Chip bags. If you've got the time and ambition, go ahead and rearrange your room to give the space a better flow or just to shake things up. Don't let clutter intimidate you -- there are decluttering strategies that can really help, leaving more room in your closet for new Route One Apparel items!

Those Berger cookie crumbs don't wipe themselves up.

4. Work on those relationships!

We're not just talking about your romantic relationships, although it can never hurt to open up those lines of communication and do some real talking and listening with your partner. We mean your friends, family and coworkers, too! You'll feel like a better person and people will want to be more open with you and around you more often if you put more thought into how you interact with the important people in your life. Listen closely, make time for others, and be happy for the folks in your life when good things happen to them! Everyone wins when you do.


Have you hugged your buddies today? 

5. Finally, revamp that wardrobe

Anyone who's watched shows like "Queer Eye" or "What Not To Wear" knows that what you put on your body can have a huge effect on your life! Pull out everything you own and eliminate anything that you know is torn or stained beyond repair. Then, find clothing that's in good shape but too small or no longer your style, and donate it. Next, Brit + Co. recommends identifying your essential pieces and imagining what your ideal wardrobe looks like in order to start rebuilding. And don't forget about a signature piece -- like a Route One jacket or pair of shoes!  


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