Hack Your Dorm! We've Got 10 Tips

Back to school season has officially arrived, and that means college students are heading to the dorms by the thousands here in Maryland. Whether you're a brand-new freshman trying out this whole college thing for the first time or a move-in day pro, we've got a few hacks that can make your dorm life experience even better. Read on!

1. Use a bookshelf for privacy! Instead of pushing your bookshelf against the wall, push it up against the foot of your bed to create a 'wall' that will make you feel a little less out in the open.

2. Create more storage with bed risers. They're available at any big box store or on Amazon, and they'll allow you to loft your bed higher, giving you more room to fit dressers or storage boxes underneath. 

3. Listen, no one will judge you if you don't have a green thumb -- and real plants can be a hassle to care for when you're busy with all of your college classes. So go the plastic route! Filling your dorm with fake greenery looks just as nice as the real thing. 

4. Use shoe organizers for way more than shoes! You can use those over-the-door storage accessories to keep snacks handy, cleaning supplies nearby, or even pens and pencils so you are never without any before class. 

5.Your dorm may come carpeted, but that doesn't mean the floor will be comfortable. Chances are, it'll feel like a cinder block, just slightly warmer. Buy a little rug to put next to your bed so your first steps of the day are a little cozier.

6. Invest in blackout curtains -- just don't forget to open them before your 8 am class so you don't sleep through it! It'll make sleeping on those weekend mornings or days you only have afternoon classes even sweeter. 

7. Make your boring, big box store mirror a little more vibrant! Hot glue fake flowers around the frame, or drape it in fairy lights for a soft glow when you're getting ready. 

8. Hiding the mess in your open closet doesn't have to be tough. Just invest in a curtain and a plastic rod, and you can simply pull it shut when you don't feel like looking at your closet explosion. 

9. Instead of hanging up your t-shirts, roll them in a drawer. Closet space can really be at a premium, and instead of taking it up with tees, roll them into space-saving bundles so they'll be easy to store.

10. Try a little coffee pot or electric kettle cooking! You can heat up the water for your ramen quickly in the coffee pot, or you can boil spaghetti, rice, or mac and cheese instead. 


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