Get Your Preak on with R1A

Let’s be honest -- the horses are great and the hats are fine, but the Preakness is truly one of the best excuses that a Maryland college student has to get out and party! Whether you’re hanging at the infield, at one of your favorite watering holes watching the excitement on TV, or partying from the comfort of someone’s home, you know you’ll be looking flashy and Maryland proud on race day when you wear these beauties:

Maryland Flag Headband

Keep your beautiful mane from blowing in the wind when you’re wearing this striking headband on race day -- a perfect addition to your already-snazzy look.

Maryland Flag Hawaiian Shirt

Casual Friday has nothin’ on casual race day! Hawaii meets Maryland in this shirt that’s sure to show off your carefree attitude.


Maryland Flag Flip-Flops

The infield itself has a reputation for being muddy, so maybe don’t wear these babies into the fray -- but if you’re chilling at home watching the race, they couldn’t be better.

Maryland Flag Bottle Koozie

Cheers to the horses! Keep your drink of choice cold (and make everyone else around red, white, black and gold with jealousy) with this striking flag-patterned koozie.

Maryland Flag Can Koozie

No, we promise we didn’t forget can koozies. We’ve got you. Promise.

Maryland Flag Umbrella

The weather on race day tends to be unpredictable at best, so make like a Boy Scout and be prepared! You’ll never get lost in the crowd when you’re holding this smart-looking umbrella high.

Crabby Susan Maryland Shirt

Want to deck yourself out with a black-eyed Susan garland, even if you can’t run as fast as those horses? This is the shirt for you. Trust us, it’s not cheating!

Maryland Flag Shades

Don’t want to miss a minute of the race? Well, you’ll want to keep that pesky sun out of your eyes. These sunglasses will do the trick (and you’ll look great, too!).

Maryland Flag Fanny Pack

Think you’re too good for a fanny pack? You’re not. It’s the ultimate conversation starter, especially when it’s covered in the Maryland flag design.


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