Crabby Frozen Yogurt? Yum Yum!

Route One News Network has just gotten a hot--well, cool--new scoop!

Coming soon to an ice cream shop near you will be Old Bay-flavored frozen yogurt, complete with crab meat chunks and sprinklings of Old Bay on top.

"Chocolate and vanilla are great, don't get me wrong," said ice cream shop owner Jimmy Laughlin of Annapolis. "But what the people really want is crabby everything. I've seen other businesses become much more successful when they add crab to the menu, and now us ice cream store owners will get the chance to have that success, too."

The crabs are steamed to perfection before being tossed in the frozen yogurt maker. They're combined with delicious, airy, high-quality vanilla frozen yogurt that you won't be able to taste at all under all the crab stuff.

"It's going to be much more fun for customers to bring their hammers to the ice cream store and crack those crabs open themselves," Laughlin said. "We'll provide newspapers, too. Hopefully it won't all melt before they're done."

To complete the treat, a generous sprinkling of Old Bay will go on top.

 "What's a crab recipe without Old Bay? Nothing at all." Laughlin laughed heartily. "

For fifty cents, customers can get extra toppings like extra crab claws and 'the mustard'.

"I don't always get it, but you know, you've got to give the people what they want," Laughlin said. 

Customers who buy the large size of the crabby frozen yogurt get a free antacid. 

Dates for the crab yogurt's release have not been finalized yet. Route One News Network will keep its readers posted on this delicious crabby treat. 

  • Phillip Hohman says...

    Let me know when this comes out

    On May 27, 2017

  • Frank says...

    The red bean in Annapolis has old bay flavored homemade soft serve ice cream

    On May 27, 2017


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