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Are You More Maryland Than Your Friends? We've Got a Checklist!

Eva Niessner

Are You More Maryland Than Your Friends? We've Got a Checklist!

Happy Maryland Day, everyone!

It's the perfect day to be proud of the state that you live in -- after all, Maryland is pretty awesome. Before you start celebrating, though, you may be wondering if you've truly earned the right to call yourself a Marylander. 

Have you gotten more of those Maryland accomplishments than your friends? Well, there's only one way to find out! Count all of the following things you've done, and then see how you measure up compared to your pals:

  • I've eaten a crabcake.

  • I've made a crabcake.

  • I've gone crabbing. 

  • I've eaten a burger, nachos or sandwich with crab on it.

  • I can tell the difference between a male and female crab.

  • I've vacationed in Ocean City.

  • I've vacationed in Ocean City every summer.

  • I've referred to vacationing in Ocean City as going 'downy ocean'.

  • I've been to Seacrets.

  • I've gotten fries at Thrasher's

  • I've gotten ice cream at Dumser's. 

  • I've visited at least one Baltimore landmark.

  • I've been to Edgar Allen Poe's gravesite.

  • I've been to the National Aquarium.

  • I've been to Annapolis.

  • I've been to at least one Civil War landmark.

  • I've ridden over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

  • I've driven over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

  • I've been to a lacrosse game.

  • I've played lacrosse.

  • I've won some kind of trophy or award for playing lacrosse.

  • I've seen jousting in real life.

  • I've jousted in real life.

  • I've been to the Renaissance Faire.

  • I've donated to WTMD.

  • I've been to a baseball game at Camden Yards.

  • I've been to a football game at M&T Bank Stadium

  • I've worn a Baltimore sports jersey or team apparel to another state.

  • I 've worn a Baltimore sports jersey or team apparel to another country.

  • I've been on a boat in the Chesapeake Bay.

  • I've sailed a boat on the Chesapeake Bay.

  • I've been to Deep Creek Lake.

  • I've seen a bear in western MD.

  • I went to college in Maryland.

  • I own at least one piece of clothing with the MD flag on it.

  • I've given Testudo an offering.

  • I know all the songs from 'Hairspray'.

  • I've seen at least one John Waters movie. 

  • I know what a Chesapeake Bay Retriever looks like.

  • I've been to the Preakness Stakes/Infieldfest.

  • I've won money betting on the Preakness results.

  • I've been to a concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

  • I've eaten a Berger cookie.

  • I've eaten something with Old Bay on it.

  • I've added Old Bay to something other than crabs.

  • I shop at a grocery store that sells Old Bay chips.

  • I've sung the national anthem with the second "OH" screamed.

  • I've told someone I'm the way that I am because I'm from (insert Maryland county).

  • I've eaten Ledo's pizza.

  • I've eaten Utz chips.

  • I've eaten a snowball.

  • I've worn my hair in a beehive.

  • I've called someone 'hon'.

  • I call water 'wooder'.

  • I call Baltimore 'Bawlmer'.

  • I've been told I have a Baltimore/Maryland accent.

  • I'm still bitter about the Colts (RIP).

  • I've sat in traffic on 695.

  • I have an Eat Bertha's Mussels bumper sticker.

  • I've ridden on the Water Taxi across the Baltimore harbor.

  • I've corrected someone's pronunciation of names like Towson, Conococheague, Wicomico, and Worcester.

  • I had a poster, cardboard cut out or milk carton with Cal Ripken on it in my school. 

  • I've left the house with both flip flops and a sweater because of Mayland weather. 

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