6 Ways To Have a Free Date in Baltimore

The end of summer is a magical time -- hopefully soon the heat will break, and you and your bae will get to go and enjoy the nice cool weather! It's prime time to go on a date, and Baltimore is a pretty awesome place to go and enjoy one. But what do you do if there's not a ton of cash in your wallet right now? You could always have a genuinely wonderful date night at home -- you, your significant other, some snacks and a good show to marathon. Let's say you'd really love to go out on the town, and the town you have in mind is Baltimore. Can you still have a free date with the one you love? Yes! For instance, you can try one of the following:

1. Go to the Patterson Park Pagoda

This gorgeous landmark dates back to more than a hundred years ago -- but the Pagoda is looking Instagram-worthy even at this age! There's nothing more romantic than taking some adorable couple shots near and from the top of this lovely tower in the park. Once you're finished sightseeing at the top of the Pagoda, you don't have to just leave. There are plenty of other free or cheap things to do in Patterson park, like the pool, the ice skating rink and the beautiful fountain! 

Photo via Wikimedia.

2. Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art

The BMA is one of the finest art collections in the USA, and you and your partner can spend hours getting lost among the beautiful paintings, sculptures and other pieces -- and yes, it's completely free to visit! The sculpture garden is another ideal selfie spot, and this is the perfect place to whip out some of your best mushy lines about how they're the real work of art. (We're spoiled for choice in Baltimore when it comes to free art museums -- the Walters is pretty amazing, too!)

Image via artbma.org

3. Visit the Rawlings Conservatory

Why give your significant other a bouquet of flowers when you can give them a whole room of them? While they can't take the flowers at the Rawlings Conservatory home, it's still an amazing experience to give the person you love, and it's free (though donations are suggested). There are flowers, plants and trees from every imaginable climate and terrain in the world -- so whether your partner prefers sweet blooms or prickly cacti, there's something that they'll adore. 

Photo via rawlingsconservatory.org

4. Go see the Oriole Legends Celebration series

Orioles games can get kind of pricey, but there's a free section that any O's fan will love! On game days, everyone's too busy finding food and their seats to really appreciate the Oriole Legends Celebration mini-park, but that section is free to visit on non-game days. If your honey thinks he or she is an expert on all things Orioles, well, now's the time to put them to the test! (And who doesn't want to hang out with Cal?)

5. Visit Edgar Allen Poe

Halloween's coming up fast -- and who says that your spooky activities this fall have to cost a lot of money? You can visit the final resting place of Baltimore beloved Edgar Allen Poe, at the Westminster Burying Grounds. It's notorious for being haunted by Poe's spirit, so why not take some photos and see if you can spot his ghost for yourself? (And if things get spooky, your bae can squeeze you tight -- the classic scary movie move, but even better.) Maybe you two will even catch the mysterious Poe Toaster...

Photo via Wikipedia

6. Go to the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

Want to get right in the heart of the city for your date? The tower is free on Saturdays from 11-4, where you can see all the artwork lining the staircase and in the art gallery! After all, the former tower is now a space for resident artists, so you know you're going to be getting a truly artsy experience. If you'd like to get the full historical experience, the historical tour is only $8 a pop (and you're supporting a Baltimore icon if you do choose to spring for this experience!). 

Photo via bromoseltzertower.com


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