6 Items You Need in your Kitchen to Properly Prepare your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is almost here, and there's so much to be thankful for -- especially those delicious smells coming from the kitchen! But if you're in charge of preparing the Thanksgiving feast (or at least in charge of preparing part of it), you're going to need to be prepared. We've got plenty of products for you to make everything just right on Thanksgiving Day! 

You Had Me At Old Bay (Blue) / Apron

First thing's first: you don't wanna get gravy splatters and turkey grease all over yourself. This Old Bay-themed apron is perfect for any cook who wants to keep clean, even in the messiest kitchen. Practical and good-looking? Now that's a product everyone needs.

Old Bay Can / Oven Mitt

And speaking of both practical and attractive, have you met our Old Bay can oven mitts? You're going to look great pulling the turkey out of the oven with these bad boys -- but more importantly, you won't burn your fingers in the process. That's a real win-win.

"Probably Cooking w/ Old Bay" / Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board just tells it like it is. Chances are, you're putting Old Bay on something this Thanksgiving (or better yet, on everything). Why not remind your guests of that fact? This sturdy and useful board will be handy long after the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. 

Maryland Flag / Pot Holder 

Pot holders aren't just great for keeping burn marks off your table. They're also pretty underrated forms of decoration. And we know your famous green bean casserole is going to look great on top of this Maryland Flag pot holder! 

Maryland Iconic Eats / Kitchen Towel

This dish towel is a perfect reminder of just how tasty the foods of Maryland can be! You might even become inspired to try making a few of these regional treats for your Thanksgiving guests -- or grabbing a few of them the day after Thanksgiving instead. 

 Maryland Style Crabcakes Recipe (8"X10") / Art Print

We all agree that crabcakes belong on the Thanksgiving table, right? Of course we do. Now that that's settled, let's talk artwork for the kitchen. This crabcake recipe print is a perfect reminder for you and your guests which dish really reigns supreme at the Marylander's table, and no, it's not turkey. 


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