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5 Maryland Bars To Visit On Your 21st Birthday

Eva Niessner

5 Maryland Bars To Visit On Your 21st Birthday

Congrats--it's your 21st birthday! The time has come to celebrate, and you're going to need to find the perfect place to go party. 

For the Rock Star: The Rockwell in Baltimore

This place has legit rockstar cred--it's partly owned by Jack Barakat of All Time Low! This is the ideal spot to party if you're into the (frankly awesome) music of the 2000s and want to get a drink at the same time. Best of all, The Rockwell offers a birthday package that lets you and your friends skip the line and get free champagne and shooters, as well as a birthday card for you signed by Jack himself. Now that's what we call a party!  

Photo via The Rockwell

 For The Beach Bum: Macky's in Ocean City 

Look, not everybody wants to party like a rockstar--some of us would rather have our toes in the sand while they celebrate! For the beach babe or beach bro, look no further than Macky's in Ocean City. With a wide array of seafood, you won't go hungry while you drink, but the Happy Hour specials ensure you won't go thirsty, either! And if you do decide you want to dance after all, there are themed parties at Macky's all summer long. 

Photo via Macky's

 For The Gambler: Maryland Live! Casino, Hanover

Turning 21 doesn't just mean getting to go out and drink; it's also the age at which you get to gamble. Why not combine the milestones with a night out at Maryland Live! Casino? Make things as upscale or casual as you want, thanks to the wide variety of places to eat and drink, then go spend the rest of the night enjoying your freedom to make the casino your playground. (And if you win big on the slots, you can buy a heck of a lot of Route One Apparel products!)

Photo via Maryland Live! Casino

For the Maryland-Obsessed: Annabel Lee Tavern, Baltimore

You've got all the Poe gear you could want from Route One Apparel, and now you want to celebrate your birthday in a Poe-themed bar to match. There's no shortage of Poe options in Baltimore, but Annabel Lee Tavern takes the Poe obsession to the fullest! The cocktail list is extensive, and their duck fat fries are apparently to die pun intended. 


 Photo via Annabel Lee Tavern

For The Bacon Lover: Bad Decisions, Baltimore

You're finally old enough to drink, which means you've got to start thinking about what pairs best with what you're drinking! Luckily, bacon goes with everything. And Bad Decisions has a way with bacon--like, baskets of bacon. No kidding! Of course, you're going to need some craft cocktails to wash down all that salt, and they've got a way with those, too. 

Photo via Bad Decisions

Of course, there's a LOT more out there, and we want to know all about it! What's your favorite place to go drink in the Old Line State? Where did you go for your 21st birthday, and what would you recommend to readers who are getting ready for the big day? Let us know in the comments! 

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