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5 Things To Do In Ocean City When Fall Arrives

Eva Niessner

5 Things To Do In Ocean City When Fall Arrives


Just about every Marylander can think of something to do in Ocean City when it’s warm out! Lying on the beach, strolling the Boardwalk, or swimming in the ocean...there’s plenty to do in this seaside city in the summertime. But Ocean City doesn’t stop being fun when the temperature starts to go down! Here are five things you can do if you chose to visit during the fall.

1 Sunfest

Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall at Sunfest! This free yearly event, which is held at the Boardwalk, is fun for all ages and offers food, music, hayrides, and arts and crafts. Mark your calendar -- it’s 9/19-22 this year. 

2 Ocean City Restaurant Week

Maryland foodies aren’t going to want to miss this! Running from 10/13-27, Ocean City Restaurant Week offers diners a taste of something tasty for a great deal, thanks to special fixed price menus. Make your reservations for your favorite spots now!

3 O.C. Toberfest 

Everyone in the family will love spending the week at the shore, no swimsuits or towels required! There are plenty of activities to take part in, from a beachy maze to an adorable costume parade for your pups. There will be a pumpkin race, too! Take part in all of the free events from 10/19-1026 this year. 

4 Visit Assateague

Why not spend a gorgeous fall day visiting the ponies on Assateague Island? Drive around and catch a glimpse of the famous horses, or hang out on one of the island’s campsites. Perfect for nature lovers, photographers, or anyone who really liked those Misty of Chincoteague books. 

5 Head Indoors

Ocean City has no shortage of fun things to do, even if it’s cold or rainy outside. If the fall weather isn’t cooperating with your outdoor plans, indulge in some mini-golf, go ice-skating at the Carousel hotel, or grab a movie at a local theater. You can blow off some steam playing laser tag, or go shopping for clothes -- you can even head to the spa! 

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