5 Reasons Snowballs Are The Best

 If you're a Maryland native, you probably already know how great snowballs are. Not ice cream, not snow cones, snowballs are their own special thing, soft and fluffy and flavorful -- way better than your boring waffle cones and freezie pops. So what makes this local treat so great? Let us make our case:

1. They come in so many flavors

From the sour to the sweet, you can get a snowball in pretty much any flavor your heart desires. And we've got some great local flavors, like skylight (aka blue flavored). 

2. No dairy? No problem

Not everyone can digest dairy. If lactose gives you a tummy ache, well, good news -- the snowball is made from shaved (NOT crushed) ice and flavored syrup. Instead of sitting heavily in your stomach, it's perfectly filling and just enough to sate your desire for a summer treat. 

3. They're perfectly portable

Thanks to their specially shaved structure and their styrofoam cups, snowballs are able to stand up to the summer heat of the region! No dripping cones or soupy, weirdly-flavored soup here. That's why they're so easy to grab and eat on the go.

4. That marshmallow topping

Okay, let's quit beating around the bush. One of the very best things about eating a snowball is getting to snack on that exquisite marshmallow topping! Somehow, no matter which flavor you've ordered, the marshmallow just enhances it perfectly. 

5. They're a symbol of the state

We love it when we can show off our Maryland pride just by eating a delicious snack! Snowballs are part of Maryland's heritage. Back during the Depression, people in Baltimore starting eating shaved ice flavored with sugar, eggs, and vanilla in order to stay cool on the cheap. This gave birth to the Maryland snowball we know today!

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