5 Perfect Pieces of Jewelry For Your R1A Valentine

Flowers wilt and chocolate gets eaten, but jewelry is one of those Valentine's gifts that actually lasts a long time! So what Route One Apparel pieces are the best picks for that special somebody? Here are a few that are sure to please:

1. For the Transplant

Sometimes, your Maryland Valentine has to travel for work or move away. That's what this Maryland In My Heart bangle is for! It's a great going-away or welcome-back gift for a Marylander on the go. No matter where they end up, they'll be reminded of the home that they'll always love.

2. For the Sports Fanatic


In Baltimore football purple, this bangle is guaranteed to give its wearer some team spirit -- but it's classy enough to wear to a cocktail party or on date night. Why limit yourself? This is the perfect piece for the sporty gal who wants to have it all. 

3. For the Ring Collector


This dainty crab-themed ring is perfect for anyone in your life who could something unique to wear -- something totally Maryland! Ideal for asking any Maryland gal to be your (old) bae, or for continuing your promise to love and cherish her. Great for moms and besties, too!

4. For the Lover of Feminine Pieces


Who says that a gorgeous and girl piece of jewelry can't have a super-Maryland flair? This turtle shell necklace is ideal for any girl who loves pretty pieces but who has a lot of pride in her Maryland roots. Seriously, there's no Valentine that's better than a turtle's shell for a UMD girl! 

5. For the Showstopper

Some girls love to take risks and make daring fashion moves, and Maryland girls are no different. What's bolder and more unique than a pair of glam gold earrings in the shape of scrumptious crab claws? These earrings are good enough to eat (well, not actually), and your gal will absolutely adore them.


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