5 Maryland Things To Be Thankful For

November is a time to reflect on what you're thankful for (you may have heard of this holiday that's all about it; it's called Thanksgiving) -- and here in Maryland, there are so many things to be thankful for. Why not take a few moments today to really appreciate some amazing things about Maryland, like...

1. We get the mountains AND the beach

Would you rather go for a hike in the gorgeous mountains or snooze in the sun and sand? No matter which option you prefer, you can do it here in Maryland. And it doesn't even take that much time for you to get from one to the other -- a benefit of living in a small state. They're so close by that you could totally make a day trip out of one or the other! 

2. We get all four seasons

Sometimes all four in one week! Seriously, though, if you want to see golden and scarlet autumn leaves, snowy hills, bright flowers and hazy hot days, Maryland has you covered. Sure, maybe you occasionally wish it would be a little hotter or colder, but you know you'll get the full gamut every year.

Feeling chilly? This sweater will keep you warm! 

3. We get all the crabs we want, on demand

Do you realize that there are people who have to import their crabs from other places? Who don't get fresh seafood practically anytime they want? Think about your poor friends in the Midwest and thank your lucky stars that you live in Maryland. If you've had crabs in other states, you know exactly what we're talking about. 

4. We have some really cool locals

Michael Phelps? Check. John Waters? Check. Even though we're a small state, we can boast some awesome celebrity residents -- but the famous ones aren't the only ones who matter. The people who make up the small towns and big cities, the ones who own the small businesses, art galleries and eateries, also make the state an incredible place to live. Also, All Time Low is from here, and what's cooler than that?

Just stay calm and get yourself this shirt, which features a few of our other favorite locals.

5. We've got the best state apparel

Come on, if you're here, you know this one is true. Most states have seriously boring flags and boring symbols -- but we're not most states. You're lucky enough to get to show off your state pride with colors, styles and symbols that actually look good! It's a proven fact that everyone looks good in gold, black, white and red...or at least, we think so. Now, isn't it time to get shopping


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