5 Fun Facts About Maryland Wineries

Fine wines come from all over the world. France, Italy, California...they're typically the places we think of as being great wine producers. But let's not forget about our amazing local wines! Here are five facts you may not have known about the wine that's made here in the Old Wine -- we mean, Line -- State.

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1. Maryland has four distinct growing regions

Different grapes become different types of wines, and those grapes require different soils and temperatures in order to thrive. Because Maryland has so many different climates and growing areas despite its small size, you'll get very different wines from the Eastern Shore, Piedmont Plateau, Western mountain and Southern plain.  

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2. There are over 80 wineries in the state

Just because there are four regions doesn't mean there's any shortage of great wineries to visit. Whether you're in Cumberland or Cambridge, you're not far from a winery that has so much to offer. You can check out an interactive list of Maryland's wineries by county here -- and we'll be exploring more of them in an upcoming blog post! 

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3. Maryland has its very own wine festival!

And it's coming up in just a few weeks! Wine lovers and designated drivers are both welcome at the event, which will be held in Carroll County on September 18 this year. This is the perfect place to sample all of the wine goodness that Maryland has to offer if you're not familiar with the various wineries of the state! Click here to learn more.

4. Boordy is the state's oldest bonded winery

People have been making wine in Maryland for centuries, but Boordy holds the distinction of being the first bonded winery. It achieved this status back in 1945, before it was in its current location in Baltimore County. Now, it's one of many, but it still gets the bragging rights! 

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5. You can drink Maryland wine from a Maryland glass!

We've got plenty of glassware available in the store! If you're planning to treat a family member or friend to a delicious bottle of MD wine, why not go all the way and get them something to drink it from, too? Talk about the perfect gift for any occasion! 


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