Let's Get Crabby!

Marylanders love to wear crabs. It's a fact! Whether it's a shirt, a bag or a piece of jewelry, Maryland residents love their crabby style, and every beach and park in the state is full of happy owners of crab apparel. Here are a few of our favorite crab pieces for you to wear with pride! 

Maryland Born and Bred Shirt, $26.99


Born here, bred here, and eating crabs here since the very beginning! This is the perfect shirt for a true-blue Marylander who wants everyone to know where they're from. Available in ladies style, too!

Maryland Crab Red Koozie, $6


Any koozie will keep your drink cool. But this one will keep it looking stylish! A flag-patterned crab couldn't be more Maryland if it tried--unless it was cooling down a Natty Boh.

Route One Classic Flag & Crab Tank, $21.99


The classic tank--perfect for summer runs, beach parties, crab feasts....well, we could go on and on! The point is, if you're gonna rock a crab, you can't go wrong with this shirt, no matter where you go.

Maryland Flag Crab Cufflinks, $29.99


For the times you want to be a classy gent--a wedding, a graduation, prom--but still want everyone to know how serious your Maryland pride is, you'll want these crabby cuff links. Who says crabs aren't fancy?

Black and Orange Maryland Crab Shirt, $22.99


No reason you can't wear a crab to a baseball game! This shirt is bright with Baltimore colors, but still shows off your crabby pride. Perfect for the all-around Maryland fan who could always use more Route One Apparel. 

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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