Man's Best Friend Loves Maryland!

We believe your dog deserves the very best. After all, your pup will be by your side no matter what, and all they want in return is a scratch on the head and maybe a treat or two. And if you're stylish in Route One Apparel, why shouldn't your dog be just as fashionable? We've got some new leashes that your dog will look great walking with, whether you've got a teeny chihuahua or a giant Great Dane. 

Blue Crab Leash, $30


Your pup doesn't have to be a Chesapeake Bay Retriever to rock the Chesapeake Bay crab pattern. Perfect for dog owners who like to take their buddy on a stroll down the Ocean City boardwalk or for a ride on their sailboat. Don't forget the matching collar!

Pink and Blue Crab Leash, $30

If your puppy is a pretty girl who loves to be pampered, what better leash could you pick to walk her to the groomer or to her next photo shoot? Everyone will know how lovely she is, and that her owner is a proud Maryland resident. Is she the matchy-matchy type? Be sure to get the collar, too!

Lime Green and Blue Crab Leash, $30


This is a funky color combo perfect for walking your dog through artsy Hampden or Station North, or maybe for taking your pup to one of Maryland's many music festivals! Want Fluffy to stand out even more? Get the matching collar.

Red and Blue Crab Leash, $30


A true blue leash for an all American dog! This versatile leash will look great on the beach, on a wooded walking trail, or anywhere else in Maryland you and your buddy might go roaming. And yes, this one has a matching collar too! 

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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