Off to the Beach With Route One!

If you're like us, you're already planning your beach trip for the summer. What could be better than swimming in the ocean or relaxing in the sand? Um, doing it with the best of Route One's summer collection, of course! Here are a few items that we know will end up in your suitcase as you prepare to spend your days enjoying the Maryland sunshine.

Neon Grapefruit Retro Tank, $25.99

Capture that retro-beachy look with our postcard-themed tank. From black-eyed Susans to crabs, we've captured all the classic Maryland icons in one shirt, and it belongs on the beach! Don't leave for your trip without it.

Baltimore Eye Sleep Mask, $12.95


Okay, so maybe getting some shut-eye isn't your highest priority on those fun summer nights...but when the bright sun is glaring at you the morning after, you'll be glad you had your eye mask! This Baltimore-themed mask is perfect for keeping the light out.

Yacht Club Burgee Belt, $29.99

Whether you're actually sailing this summer or not, you'll want the perfect seaside accessory. Why not our yacht club belt? Beachy and fun, but not limited to wearing by the ocean, this is a preppy pick-me-up that will look great with every outfit.

Nautical Tote Bag, $25

Ladies, who says the guys should have all the fun at the boat club? This nautical flag tote is perfect for holding hats, sunglasses and your favorite beach read. In a striking shade of red to turn heads!

Henna Crab Pink Ladies Racerback, $25


Is this your summer of love? Capture that free-spirited vibe with our henna crab racerback. Toss it on over your swimsuit or wear it with shorts as you stroll down the boardwalk. Groovy!

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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